Dedicated Servers VS P2P, Double XP “Congestion” Black Ops 3: Gameplay!

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Icysnowman #2 says:

Wow FPS and ping are so different between Xbox/PlayStation and PC. On console everyone complains about ping lag, but everyone gets 60FPS or something close to that. I have a fairly good PC and get about 30-50 ping normal, maybe up to 70 on double xp. However, I have all my graphical settings on lowest, second-lowest, or something like that, and I get 35-45 frames

John Mendoza says:

Wish you would upload more apoc

GTRMADMAN Gaming says:

I’ve had all 2 teams with 4 bars lag like fuck in a match, and I’ve joined American lobbys and had better matches, keep getting the odd 1 bar in a match when the rest 4 bars as well

Tareef Dedhar says:

My connection is always fine. I live in Waterloo, so not too bad for you to move here.

Oh did I mention that’s Waterloo, Canada? Oops, my bad 🙂

Tyler Vanner says:

Get rid of that Ps4 and get an Xbox One man!!

XPEXRemix1 says:

You’re videos are just so smooth tbh

SFZombie415 says:

I avoid multiplayer during double XP weekend. Zombies is where I’ll take advantage of the XP.

ninjaxams says:

see to me netcode wise it feels exactly like black ops 2, which by that i mean fucking awful and damn near unplayable. if i recall bo2 never had these shoddy hybrid dedicated servers either.
whatever the case i’ve about had it with bo3. i like if from a design perspective but its so frustrating to play because of the piss poor connections.

lewis rogan says:

x1 always connects through the Urish server which plays off and on..but maybe p2p is better for Cod due to the amount playing.
Yes Duma is great to check whats going on,but if your on a dedi well doesnt really help..its the congestion sliders which is the key.

sneaky johnson says:

The connections a whole lot better these days but yeah any double up weekend is absolute aids…. I pretty much avoid them like the plague now

Ben Campbell says:

I’m in south east Washington and the servers seem fine and i rarely lag

Mike Wright says:

apoc as i remember AW was p2p (i could be wrong) and we all know how bad that was (never buying another SH game if thats the best they can do with 3 years to do it) also the server hub is in london (press the score list button in game and look top right corner theres an ip no if it has e at the end its dedi the server hub) this then connects to europe which in turn allows every one with a piss poor connection to connect to you , so the duma wont stop some twat in spain with hamster isp connecting to his server bank then to you and fucking your game up iv been over this with netduma time and again lol , i normally play hc tdm and this morning i got a hit marker with the annihilator wtf !!! . on a side note if i am on core and im camping and pop you as you run past ill apologise now as i might be doing a challenge though this wont stop me ppopping you again if you come back ha ha ha.

Daniel Chavez says:

Here’s one for you, according to the PS4 and BO3 I was connected to a dedicated server, but as soon as we started to stomp the other team, got the infamous “Host connection lost”? How can that be? But yes, play was better P2P.

Royal CODpiece says:

I honestly thought the lag had been fixed in this game it’s been great for ages then this weekend I played TDM with a friend and for some reason for one game it all went to shit ! I was Lagos god of the lagonites it felt so unfair I beasted everyone just because I could actually move and shoot at the same time, shooting in front of people and waiting for them to walk into the hail of bullets, it was fun like the great turkey shoot or whatever no effort required 🙂

George Esther says:


Chris Bost says:

Apoc ,I always enjoy your insight. For me, this game is like you said from an earlier vid. No consistency between lobbies. I played some yesterday . One game I could do 25-6. Great hit detection. Same lobby next game. I couldn’t kill anyone. We never had these issues with earlier CODS. WTF . It’s a great game when it runs correctly. But for every 10 games. 2 games might be good. I’m not a great player like you. About a 1.5 kd. I didn’t need a Netduma to play the old CODS. WTF

EonsHD says:

BC, Canada. always play on dedicated server, almost always good connection.

MrMurtol says:

I lag all day every day..

Chris B W says:

The reason the servers seem so bad is because the tick rate for them is set very low. It’s set to 20 when really it should be AT LEAST 60. That’s why you get so many instances of people sponging bullets or getting shot round corners.

Jon Setchell says:

I gave up this weekend, thank God for the Doom beta !!…

IRISnGEN says:

I mean it’s a shame considering how much they make that they have not invested more funding into the connections. I tweeted out a great article on video game online connections, you guys should check it out, make sense, and shows where the future is going.

The connections overall have been ok for me, but like you, double anything and it;s just trash, and i noticed while in a party it’s hit or miss

Dre2383 says:

Yesterday my ping kept jumping to 200. I literally quit playing after two games.

TheGuyWithNoGamertag says:

For anyone inerested I saw a video by someone called battle-nosense, they analysed the netcode for BO3, they seemed fairly thorough about their tests. I don’t notice too many big issues on the special weekends, double cryptokeys was fine for me, although I didn’t play this weekend, nice comm Ap0c 🙂

Eric Cartman says:

Finally went out and got sum carrot cake…..mmmmmm carrots

lmutley says:

not sure if true but i was told the eu servers are used by the middle east as well because they dont have any. not sure if true. but i can say on xbox one the servers are shite everyone can have full green bars and everyone is lagging in the game .
i cant understand why we are not put into bands.
under 100ms in one band and so forth.
so the ones with bad internet get put together, why should the rest be punished.

Cringeycrisp says:

In Kent the majority of players are French which means odd connections

The Blackson says:

Am I the only one that wants to see ApOc rap? Like literally just do a commentary but make it rhyme

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