DEDICATED SERVERS Are Here! | PS4 Update | Friday the 13th: The Game

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fellow key says:

Sorry I thought they can’t make updates

mastershredder78 says:

As someone who plays this game on a daily basis on PS4 I can say I am super excited about this. Shame this fix happened after all the lawsuit drama but better late than never. I’m just grateful that the devs are still trying to smooth out the game even though new content has been halted.

Jaysun Lankford says:

About time I’m tiered of getting kicked from game cause the host leaves or rage quits

SlenderPig 13 says:

Yes, I’ve waited forever for this

Shannon Krohn says:

The game is NOT DEAD on Xbox I play every night and always find matches in quick match or from people in the game groups looking for players …i still see a wide range of skill between players from beginners all the way up to skilled veterans , don’t believe the it’s dead crap , just because they can’t add NEW material doesn’t mean that nobody is playing still.

Karim Alami says:

It’s still dead

Newman On Gaming says:

I played several games on PS4 last night and it felt like I was almost playing on PC. Well worth it and will definitely play on PS4 more.

David Lopez says:

I’m still sad about the game

Jason Dixon says:

I don’t think dedicated servers makes a difference at this time, because the game on life support due to the lawsuit, broken promises and shady practices from Gun. The game is on life support, but it can be saved if something can be worked out!

Tiny Grass says:

Finally after like almost a YEAR waiting

Party Squid16 says:

What do you guys mean it’s ok Xbox as well

Jake Rittlinger says:

also Jason’s mother no longer laughs at the end of the game.

im jerzy says:

I just hate that the lawsuit happened

Archerboy79 says:

1:44 It’s confirmed that Jason can force choke people now

Bradley Walker says:

Whenever I kill host quickly they quit and there’s 2 minutes of playing as Jason and 20 matches to go until I get to play as Jason again.

Jiri Hel says:

Are the servers here back on the computer?

inkredible 019 says:

I forgot all about this game being on my ps4. Ever since the lawsuit I haven’t touched it.

None Ya says:

Waaaaay Toooooooooooooooooo late. Even death by daylight has been free on ps plus over a month now. I loved this game. But the inabilty to really ever find stable games left a terrible taste. Just gonna play DBD now. They have ALWAYS had dedicated servers.

King JamesNeal says:

Rather get new content

Grim6081 says:

How is the lawsuit going any updates on it?

Woodland_TheAFamily says:

Very excited for Jason x maybe

DDeeerp says:

They didn’t give up for now.

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