DEDICATED SERVERS ARE HERE!! | Friday the 13th: The Game

It’s finally here baby!!

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Steven Banchi says:

Me and you are the ones that are good at this game lol

burger thethird says:

These are Fake Dedicated servers for Xbox one… RiP

Jbaps says:

Can you do more DBD Videos?

IDurk Legend says:

I’ve been here since the beginning and from what this company showed me ya this game is dead

Pigsly Gaming says:

I reinstalled the game

Steven Banchi says:

About fucking time they made this update seriously lol

Slaughterhouse says:

Jason is such an easy bitch in this game lol I got bored of lack of challenge and moved to DBD. Lot more fun and exciting depending on who plays the killer of course.

Mute Falon says:

I still love Friday the 13th the game,one of my favorites!!!

Dvaismywaifu says:

I loved the shit out of this game but because they ant add anymore content I genuinely have no more incentive to play this game I once loved

Steven Banchi says:

Don’t congratulate them either they are morons over there with no experience whatsoever to properly handle a game…

Cydžiai _ says:

After update i can’t play :(((((

Infamous Zack says:

I thought they said that they cant do stuff for this game anymore? But if they can still update. Thats fucking nice

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