Crazy Fast Dual Intel Xeon Monster PC Benchmarks & Gaming Review

Puget Systems, Intel, ASUS, Crucial & Fractal Design teamed up to build this amazing powerful PC & now it’s time to benchmark it & play some GTA V & Battlefield Hardline on it! The results are absolutely stunning.

Full system specs & info @
My full room tour video (Like if you want an update!) @

Heaven DX11 Benchmark
3DMark Professional Edition (Firestrike)
Cinebench R15

-Games Used-
GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5)
Battlefield Hardline

-Software Used-
MSI Afterburner (Display framerates during gameplay)
Adobe Premiere CC 2014
VMWare Workstation 10

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Scientiae Magicae says:

waste of money.

Spencer Leeper says:

Funny that just 2 years ago dual 6 core Xeons was a viable method to have 12 working cores, where now 12 core CPUs aren’t even at the top of the consumer CPU range.

sunwillriseagain says:

that intro its cringey af

GayRainbow Unicorn says:

ti piace l’uccellino eh froz

Fath3rTim3 says:

B.E.A.UTIFUL! I love your system and I wish I can do half of what you can! Keep up the good job!

Laplace's demon says:

Dude, keep your PC off the carpet

SJEH says:

and now ryzen is jfaster in cinebench, and this is about 2 years, imagine 10 years from now

Noah 1il says:

*Can’t build his own PC

AllAroundBang says:

I upgraded my ancient i7 930 system to a Xeon x5670, and here I am thinking I’m bad ass with my 6 cores! XD It’s too bad i7 980x/990x’s are still around a grand 6 years later; but for 60 bucks, this Xeon is pretty good, even though I perhaps can’t overclock as insane. But like you, It is enjoyable to have a couple VM’s open while doing other tasks. With the power you have, never having to be concerned with giving a VM less than 2 cores and 4 gigs of RAM, that’s simply awesome! Loving your channel, man.

lachiu says:

I’m Groot.

Blaise Ailey says:

why are people obsessed with 60 fps

Shiro Amakusa says:

Heh, these benchmark specs look so cute today 🙂

Jason Bowman says:

who need that high powered crap for basic needs?

Zonic ZL1 says:

i would probably fry something doing just the benchmark fire strike

xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx says:

Y no rgb fens?!!
Me dont liek poop brown fens

HuskySized says:

Those fans look like someone jizzed in your ass then you took a shit

AceofVentura says:

how much was that PC mate?? “:P

MrBlockHead #NoHate #HatLigan says:

try this pc on csgo

AirGawd says:

Get a pc with 928273772638262726275482728276362827 titan xps

DaniParker_43 says:

Conoces las vaginas?

Stay_Frosty says:

12:30 Grinder?

Jonathan Asdell says:

How do you remove fans and other parts to be cleaned if all the wiring is hotglued? My pc builds up a lot of dust in the fans, case, etc, and I clean everything a couple times a year to make sure nothing builds up.

Blaise Ailey says:

would have got a lot more frames if you turned up the refresh rate beyond 59 hz

Michael Blenkinsop says:

How much did it cost you to build that system Barnacules Nerdgasm

george mason says:

This guy is awesome

FatSpongebab says:

Pls guys can you tell me which is best? : I have an intel xeon w3520 + rx 470, SHOULD I BUY A RYZEN 1600 INSTEAD OF XEON W3520 OR XEON IS A GOOD PROCESSOR TO GAMING ON? PLEASE I NEED HELP

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