BEST UNTURNED SERVER HOSTERS! Axel, ABC, game servers, hosting review!

Today I am going to talk about the best unturned server hosting company’s. I have tried axel hosting, ABC game servers, and game servers hosting websites. If you have one of these company’s host your 3.0 server then you will not need to port forward or use hamachi! You can buy a server for as low as $6.70 a month!
Buy cheap servers here:

You can also buy others servers from those hosting websites.

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Dominic Espinoza says:

how do I add workshop to a gameservers server

Noslack100 says:

well I’m sold

SeriousSpeed says:

hey man im a decently sized yter and would love to know if you would set up my unturned server i will pay for everything as long as you set up kits tpa etc and of course you would get your own spot in my desc

SonOfChe says:

what about lyhme ?

cRy says:

Game server is bad

Janette Scott says:

I know how to fix the ‘No Admin’ problem, it is in the Rocket Config. Thank me later.

StiX YT says:

should I use MySQL Database?

D3rpy B34n says:

I have 2 servers for anyone and my friends, 1 with mods and a workshop map and one on Russia, I set them all up easy in around 20 mins and therefor paying isn’t exactly needed. Also, I had issues with getting mods onto a server then after reading Reddit for 5 mins I got the answer. Honestly it’s also easy to own a computer that can run for extended periods of time and you can use this to have a (near) 24/7 server. I own 2 and I just USB when ever the other one is under high load.

DanielThePear says:

Using files is better. You can’t edit shit when it comes to those hosters that give you buttons and not files.

AwksDesigns says:


MechaRy says:

Don’t do gameservers they are overpriced, their support team sucks it takes them 7 hours for them to answer me, and you cant view a console.

Sharpshooter23 says:

LYHME hosting is very good and they help u right away!

dapp__Y says:

Game servers is overpriced

Lucky says:

I just rented a server from abcgames and im in the admin panelm HOW DO I SET UP A SERVER!!!!!!!!

jonathan hatfeild says:

VOXTON so i bought everything and i have like 5 people on but i cant figure anything out PLS help. Jasperkid29. Add me on steam

Kinny says:

I use GTX gaming

Fire Lyrics says:

If you still can’t admin anyone, make a rocket group in rocket.permissions with all the commands you want with the admin, lookup html color picker, pick the color you want and then add everyones steam Id that you want to be an admin! Hope I helped, love your content and going to check out the server soon! Peace

Scott McNeill says:

how do you access the console on game servers?!? Its really confusing to someone who is new to this

Zach Couto Music says:

Title is “best gaming hosting servers”

“Next up is axel hosting, and I absolutely hate this host”


TheUnturnedGamer 1 says:

Dude i bought IT i vant admin My self And i cant update it

Coolpuppy24 says:

do creeperhost. best

Sandwich Gaming says:

I looked upp the abcgameservers but it sayd we currently support this game in: France, North America Doesnt it work for eu sweden then??

MR DETOX says:

NexServ hosting the best

HeyImSwitzerland says:

Do this or just build my own server computer?

nathan harding says:

i got gameservers and it says i have to go to the config area on the control panel and put my steam id in the owner line but i cannot find the owner line!! plz help

Blane Mc says:

I’m having the same admin problem, rip

SeriousSpeed says:

voxton you their

Charles Gerber Jr. says:

To everyone.
When looking for a Game Server Host,,,,Stay away from Survival Servers as they have very,very Slow Support. When they say 24 hours to take care of a probelm they mean it. IF they over charge you $50 to $100 dollars, than they can take up to one week to return your money…Oh, and if your bank does a charge back they Terminated Your Servers without warning…..

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