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Kendal DK says:

Lol, BF5 is such a joke. They say their doing free content now, but all it is, is content that should be there at launch. Pretty much artificially free content.

Hybridchicken04 Gaming says:

I don’t understand why people are so aggravated at bfV
It looks good
Stop being babies about everything

Kwambomb23 says:

Click bait

ExiledGamingChannel says:

Wow 30hz at launch cuz nobody pre ordered this SJW trash game lol it’ll fuckin crash even at 30 . Battlefield is garbage

joshua smith says:

Won’t be buying battlefield until the forced diversity and revisionist history is reversed, so I guess I’ll never be buying a battlefield game again.

Mike Andrews says:

So in WW3 tanks can’t kill humans?

JustKrippy says:

Well, I’m disappointed with Battlefield V never thought I would say that but at the same time, I want to buy it.

Luciano Ingenito says:

Well that was interesting. …

Soldiers And stuff says:

Welp I’m gonna go play WW3 and be a spetsnaz operator with an AK-103 if you don’t mind

Hau Ruck says:

People rightly decrying the BFV campaign as a waste of resources (just like the BF3/4/1 campaigns were) are probably the same people who complained about Titanfall and Blops IV not having a campaign. The devs are never going to put in enough effort with the AI and level design to make them worth the huge amount of time and effort needed to add them in. All it means is we get less MP content.

Everyone bitching about BFV are also likely forgetting that BF4 was an unplayable mess for the first year at least and BF3 had plenty of bugs of its own. BF1 is the only recent game in the series to actually work well at launch and everyone still complained.

Richard Veltrop says:

It’s back to 64

Can Gunduz says:

Bo4 is already at 60hz… jesus

Angry Philippino says:

Guess you haven’t heard the servers for both are back to 60hz as of the 27th

Antal46 says:

Fuck Rockstar Games for not releasing RDR2 on PC im sick of excusive bs

Captavius 05 says:

So basically wait till bf5 goes for like 20$

SanguisDiabolus says:

I was excited for both CoD and BFV, because I hadn’t played a CoD game in years, and because I was excited for a more militarized battle royale made by a strong company. Though when I learned that Firestorm is only 4-player squads that became a pass for me.
The new CoD actually feels fresh to me and blackout has been a blast. I liked BF1 but it looks like DICE is dropping the ball with this one.

Christopher Terry says:

LOL! You think people are going to buy this SJW bullshit?

TheSaltyBiggles says:

Bad news for black ops 4? Old news its been addressed/fixed, nice B8 M8

Drago Firethroat says:

Let me guess, “Call of Duty sucks cause it’s Call of Duty”?

Dylan Shmylan says:

Stfu bo4 is way better than bf5

Blottingpaper says:

Love it how people on PC complain about not getting 100+ fps, but console is still stoked about getting 30/60 fps.

YieldingMango says:

Level your better than this why you gotta click bait cod players are mostly on console

josht2239 says:

OMG is this guy still talking about Battlefield you’re a joke level cap

bouteille d'eau 1 says:

If Bo4 isn’t for you, come join us poor people at Ironsight. (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

Jordan says:

BFV is the worst fps I’ve played. Glad Treyarch made the cod this year.

dominic gortshreiker says:

Will WW3 ever come to Xbox?

Big Law says:

Pretty sure they hotfixed Bo4 and added 60 hrtz recently

TCAG Steelix says:

If the razor phone
Have 120 Hertz than why can’t console’s?
Edit:maybe I’m wrong plz tell me

Kyle Bayne says:

The only bad news for Black Ops 4 is the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. Who gives a fuck about Battlefield 5.

Mistafoxx says:

I find it hard to feel bad because if you bought Black Ops 4 you got fucking played lmao

Mike Andrews says:

Bad news for BO4? You mean bad news for BF fans. Releasing it half finished and full of Social Justice content.

JW Money says:

Tries to hype up Battlefield with a a title “Bad news of BO4. Lol nice try, Dice, paying for this ad. But maybe we are STILL too dumb for your game…

Khonsu says:

Black ops 4 @ 1:50 I know that’s why most clicked on the video

Nathaniel Lawrence says:

Im honestly stoked for bf5

Greasyphil420 says:

I’m not spending money on a reskin

aidan says:

BF5 is basically a more boring version of BF1 with a different time period that had already gotten too many games

JohnKhan Wayne says:

We still need an end-game weapon review for BF1!

Fizzbox gaming says:

I swear if dice releases another game that is not modern i will be done with the games

Charles Wesley says:

I would be imbarresed to walk Into a game stop and buy this game lol

Chun-kit Pui says:

Black ops 4 is already 62 hz lol

Ralphy_64 says:

You’re still breathing?

camwesley ` says:

Bo4:ok I guess
Bf5:fuck no beta sucked
Rdr2:a little jizz came out

Jordan says:

You released this video the day that bo4 servers went to 60hz

Remidee727 says:

BF4 is million times better the battlefield 1 and battlefield V

TheDongA1 says:

I’m done with Battlefield, they have proven to me that they would rather cater to people that do no play their game than the people who have played since the beginning. They do not deserve a dime for the shit they pulled in the passed 3 years.

Justin says:

I cancelled my preorder after the road map, I had such high hopes but bad headline after bad headline and then the lackluster roadmap made me hit the pause button. Will probably purchase but I want to see how it deveolps. I did enjoy the beta, but I’m nervous to say the least, especially if no one is going to buy the game.

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