Avast Mateys!!! Welcome back to another technical tutorial. Today I will show you how to setup an atlas single player and/or dedicated server.

There is so much incomplete information on the whole process that I took the time and compiled my own start to finish guide for setting up your very own single player and dedicated atlas server

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External links:

1. Click and download SteamCMD
2. Create a folder where you wish to store your Atlas game server hosting files in
– Example C:AtlasServer
3. Place the newly downloading SteamCMD.exe file within it C:AtlasServer
Create a batch file named Atlas Server Update.bat Click start – type – notepad – Immediately save it as Atlas Server Update.bat and select the all files from the bottom

4. Place the following code in this batch file:
C:AtlasServersteamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:AtlasServer +app_update 1006030 validate +exit

5. Right-click SteamCMD.bat and Run as Administrator – click allow if your firewall pops up with a warning message
6. Your game server files should start downloading now
7. Create a 2nd batch file, in the C:AtlasServer folder and call it Start Atlas Server.bat
8. Copy this code in the Start Atlas Server.bat file
start /high C:atlasserversteamappscommon”ATLAS Dedicated Server”ShooterGameBinariesWin64ShooterGameServer.exe Ocean?ServerX=0?ServerY=0?AltSaveDirectoryName=00?ServerAdminPassword=TEST?MaxPlayers=50?ReservedPlayerSlots=10?QueryPort=57555?Port=5755?SeamlessIP= -log -server -NoBattlEye

9. Open your browser and type in your search bar what is my ip
replace this ip for your SeamlessIP= in step 8 – Save your file

10. You have to configure your router for port forwarding – I used QueryPort=57555?Port=5755 on my server

If you have a dedicated IP use that, a DYNDNS setup also works in the server start-up string.
If your game doesn’t start up – make sure to check if your public ip address matches the one in the start-up batch file

Ok so we have 2 files created
1) the update and install batch file
2) the start server batch file
The atlas dedicated server files should now be downloading.

The next couple steps is to create a functional Atlas Server Grid database which will contain all of your islands.

10. Download the ServerGridEditor and extract it to C:AtlasSserverServerGridEditor-master – run the EXE file

Follow the rest of the video to finish the setup.


batlobster 117 says:

my update bat dose not download

Thomas Mark says:

Great / Clean Tutorial, well done dude!

Wowwwwed says:

Dude you rock


Avast Mateys!!! As of the time of this video – The ASM peeps are boycotting Atlas and wont be bringing out an Atlas version of their Ark Server Manager – Please share this video – Thanks for all the support!!!

Paulo Gonçalves says:

Não funcionou para mim, eu tentei de tudo. feelsbad

g4m3rchen says:

how do i get the map to show up ingame ?

Keith Shannep says:

Great video! I have my server up and running. I can see the server and I can click on it and join. As soon as I do however it will not connect. It prompts for password but after I input the password it says “Unable to connect”. Any ideas?

matt win says:

My Redis msi just has a fatal error and i cant use it

Rony Lizardo says:

do you know where i can find out how to change like xp harvest amount

Fabrice Piou says:

Thx ! Working great ! Cant see my server in the game when I search Unoffical Servers but i manage to find it on steam server list (i had to “add a server”)

Spice Sniffer says:

i get the message ” is not currently on any game server” could be because all servers are down for update?

Marcel Dempers says:

Jys my hero! Groette van Aus!

Musashi Korian says:

Cheers man, appreciate the helpful info in a video format. 🙂

Virnios says:

Hey man, really hope you can help me out! It keeps crashing with this error box:

Miguel Palazuelos says:

Are you hosting this from the same machine? I’ve tried doing exactly what you’ve done here. The server launches and shows as if its running but when I search Unoffical Servers it does not show up. I’ve verified all port forwarding on my router and the IP address too.

Jean-Paul Larouche says:

i do everything but i cant find my server 🙁 can you help me ?

Mike Hunt says:


달려라흰둥이 says:

good video, how to server type – pvp / pve setting?

Cody Scoggins says:

How feasible is the 4×4 from home?

Josh Clark says:

i got a fatal error ;(

batlobster 117 says:

every mind i just fix it

Capal OnLive says:

someone can share him servergrid1x1.json plzz, my loading serv crash i don’t know why

LandOfLtd says:

Awesome guide. Any chance you will try and do one for multiple servers? Or, would it be worth it changing the CellSize to something greater then 1400000?

bo dana says:

Thank you soo much and yes I am waiting next setup

SKYLINE R33 says:

says server has successfully started but it’s not showing up in list?

James Goddard says:

Mine just times out when i try to connect, followed your instructions only changes are my ip and ports, might be handy to know about the port number for redis? im so close at making this work for my friends and I its a real pain 🙁

speeddonntlie5 5 says:

On the part where I have to download the atlas update.bat it won’t work

batlobster 117 says:

my sever is not poping up

Richard Smits says:

I followed evry step but if i open start server.bat nothing happens not even a window pops up anyone got some ideas ?

Notoraa says:

I need some help whats your steam

YouAlwaysWin says:

Firstly, thanks for making this video. We made our own custom map, but when we sailed to our first island, we weren’t able to harvest anything on the island. Chopping trees did nothing. Can’t even pick up berries or a rock. Is there something we have to activate in order to allow us to live on an island?

Nils Johansson says:

For me the 57555 is open but not the 5755…

Ryan Lindner says:

Ok I am new and Im trying to find my routers port number, can anyone help?

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