Arma 3 – Setup Dedicated Server (Hosthavoc, Gameservers, Streamline Servers, Vilayer etc.)

Arma 3 – How to setup a Dedicated Server (Hosthavoc etc)

In this video i’ll show you how to setup and configure a Dedicated Server rented on Hosthavoc but you can follow the instructions in pretty much any Game Hosting company. It will be very similar.

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Arma 3 Server.cfg Wiki:

Arma 3 Difficulty settings Wiki:

class DifficultyPresets
class CustomDifficulty
class Options
class CustomAILevel


Jacob Forresthill says:

Great stuff, if i then actually understodd your words it would be helpfull, try not to mumble so much and speak up a bit. I can’t understand half your words, so i have to do with the pictures and your actions. However thx for the video.

Binkie Bee says:

I am having some of the same issues can you help me. DM me on Twitter @thebinkiebee and i will give you my discord info.

Stu Star says:

Good stuff mate, really helped 🙂

TheFunnyMuffinGamer says:

im having a problem of when i log in it only says 1/1 persons and says the server is full but i have the server set to 16 ppl any help ?

Jared Pleiman says:

Couple questions for you.
How do i set up white-listing and ranks for cops and medics?
How do i change prices for items in game?
How do i set bail prices and add an option for how long i want to send someone to jail?
How do the admin menu when you press y it opens?
Thank you for your help

Jack Sharpe says:

Great Tutorial. Had a LOT of mods to upload and we’re pretty new to this, but 11 hours of uploading, balls deep in files, and slamming our heads against desks… our server is working. Thanks for the vid.

Fletcher says:

Good Job! Thanks!

23RD Infintry Division Arma 3 says:

Wait before I do anything l, do I have to buy a server

Mizuki Sakura says:

Hey i get the message “are not signed by a key accepted by the server” would you happen to know why

Feenx sama says:

Thank you.

Tha LegendGamer says:

hey could you help me with a repo please. i can send you ts info

Chrisu says:

How to setup/install the “life control panel” on hosthavoc?

OG See OH Zee says:

A little notes to take. The ACE addon has a few DLL files and some server providers prohibit the transfer of this format. So far I know GameServers made it forbidden to FTP.

Panda Face says:

i’m trying to make a modded life server could you make a video on how to install the mods to the server?

Chrisu says:

Where can i find username and a password for FTP?

Lt Silva says:

Hey dude im using Host Havoc and i cant get more than 5 mods to load at the time even tough they are fully compatible ??? could u give any help with that ?

- PeachY - says:

I have been searching forever and still can not get my server to work, Could ya help another man out haha

ATeamGamer says:

do i need to add the exile chernarus mission in the commandline manager? sorry completely new to this.

the lonely youtuber says:

@Dexter Zone i need help trying to set up my server can anyone help

David Boone says:

MY SERVER ISNT SHOWING UP WHEN I SEARCH IT THIS IS PISSING ME OFF, I downloaded the mods on steam but there is no #mods folder in the steam directory..

redneckvoyage says:

Hey dexter! Quick question. How do you enable verification for the keys because I already uploaded the bikeys to the keys folder

ChillaTopBillas says:

Great help bro. If you follow this video step by step you will be able to set up and run your server. Any questions let me know guys.

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