ARK Survival Evolved PS4 Servers Explained – Join Official/Non Dedicated/Single Player

Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Servers Explained Whats The Difference betwen Non Dedicated Official Single Player Plus PVE PVP
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As a man or woman stranded, naked, freezing, and starving on the unforgiving shores of a mysterious island called ARK, use your skill and cunning to kill or tame and ride the plethora of leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land. Hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements and store valuables, all while teaming up with (or preying upon) hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and escape!

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Ben says:

Anyone have a player-dedicated server that I could join? Sooooo tired of the people in official servers…

T Time Tony says:

Jade Ik this videos old but I forgot can your friend join your non dedicated server u hosted when your not on???

Sid-Dwarf says:

Thx man

Wolf Hunter says:

So how do u make a pvp on ps4 so online people can play with u

AnnMarie Roland says:

Hey! My sister, me and my bf created a server on the ps4 but everytime we leave the game it doesnt save our progess, just where it autosaved last. How can we get it to save when we leave like on single player?

The Lord says:

when ı cilck jpin ark stupid game closes itself is there anybody who knows anthing abaout this shit

Chad E says:

I heard it was better to play on the EU servers even if you’re in the US. Cause EU has stronger internet.

sage jukez says:

Fuck you u boring cunt

Alien God says:

I run a dedicated sever can i trasnfer my dinos to other servers

SirAran240 says:

Can you have a multiplayer world and your single player world at the same time?

Wolf Hunter says:

How do u get a online server do

Antonio Wheeler says:

Why everytime I join a server it’s always night. Please help I’m tired of dying.

Ben says:

Anyone have a player-dedicated server that I could join? Sooooo tired of the people in official servers…

Richard Steeples says:

If you do one how do you delete it

Epic Gamer445 says:

So i just wanna know how i can host a server and play in it-_-

Skeleton King G says:


Richard Steeples says:

If i won’t to keep my ark non dedicated server with friends is there anyway to reset just my character as i am level 100 and i can not unlock anymore engram points

OpTiOn SeVeN says:

Need help. Joined a Player dedicated server and poured all day into it. Come back home from work and then server is nowhere to be found.

Fuck the Monetary system says:

Where’s the unofficial servers ?

Bobby says:

I need help. I try to transfer my character from one of my friends player dedicated server to another player dedicated server but when I see the ‘Join/W Survivor’ it doesn’t allow the button to be clicked and is grey. Need help, doesn’t work.

Note: the server does allow transfers and downloading characters

Gamingwith frans says:

guys i join a official sever with my friend but he has favoured it i join through him i cant play when he is not thats is because i cant find the server we play on is there a way to favourite it

SnowTheLittleRainbowHedgehog says:

I have a problem. Okay, I made a Non dedicated server. And my brother want’s to join me. But every time he tries to join it say’s at the top of the screen that “This user does not have privlage to play online.” I tried to reset my PlayStation. But still has the same problem. It worked the last time we played. Help?

Negan Grimes says:

no hate but did he try english in the intro ( meant to say: hello rat bags its jade plays games) ellorubahzs iz jade plays gymes

Richard Steeples says:

How do you delte ark dedicated server but not the non dedicated server

LAWLESS 500 says:

How am I supposed to start I spawn on level 1 and I’m up against level 100 Dinos it’s fucking solid

Richard Steeples says:

Can you still use both PS4 to play other games if you make dedicated server

Knockoutz 33 says:

How do you get in same server you joined before?
PLS answer

Rin Okumara says:

Do you need the playstation online card thing? (I forgot what it’s called)

Noahtjuhh GT says:

Do you still need 2 Playstations to play with Friends?

V_Hurst says:

hi everyone im hosting my own non dedicated. stats are all up, host tether distance is maxed out you can travel as far as u want and build wherever you choose. yes ill give you gear and dinos etc. come have fun. add v_hurst on ps4

Mohammed Haque says:

I joined a server and then got disconnected and I forgot the name so how do I find it again on ps4

Alpha Otter says:

Will primal evolved be the same thing as primitive plus

Lil Ice says:

Guys John my PvP server perfectly boosted tell ur Friends too the server is called EU/ScorchedEarth/PvP/15x/Boosted/Nr.1

Richard Steeples says:

Can you hock in up to a other PSN account and use other to play on same PS4? Or do you need two PS4 and both have to be on at same time?

Swishers Delights says:

I just wanna rejoin a server I was on last night. And now I can’t find it even after I screenshot it and retyped it in. It still won’t come up.

Tturismo says:

I play on PS4 and i went on this server just before the update. the server was 266 it dissapeared from the officials and it won’t go up again can someone help?

Skully Gaming says:

Excuse me but is PlayStation plus needed to play ark survival evolved online?

Richard Steeples says:

Can i reset my player as i cont get anymore engranes am rank 100?

stealth hunter says:

Got a question here. I’m on ps4 and my nephew made a server. I want to say it’s a non dedicated server because if I walk too far from him it will push me back towards him. Now is there a way when he logs off I can join his server? We both work so there are times he can’t play and I can and we both are building houses and such but I can’t help him unless he is online. Is there a way for me to join his server when he is offline?

Richard Steeples says:

The game does not save always why?

Taleb Rawas says:

Thank you so much

Jorge Quiñones says:

If i get a 2nd ps4 do i have to purchase ark and get another ps plus account to host a server??

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