ARK complete guide to hosting nitrado servers part 2 settings and options

part two of how to rent and manage nitrado ark survival evolved servers for ps4 and soon to be ps4 part 1 here
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PandaSoldierGaming2017 says:

When can you rent a Xbox server?

The Mad Man Online says:

I have a qwik question please I am on a nitrado server on Aberration map and I am after knowing wich way it is on the settings page for food and water drainage ( so I don’t have to eat or drink much please)

Shooter McShotty says:

have you ever heard of the ACM admin mod, if you have do you know how to use it on a rented server? i rent the server and have added the mod but cant figure out how to access the tool from my character?

Marcus Hicks says:

Why can i not skip ads

Nayska says:

Yo my dud, how do i lower the cost of blueprints?

Teidhgan Minney says:

How would you change the contents of supply drops

Soarin the Lover says:

How do you change the weight in the settings? I cant find the player weight multiplier.

kid swags117 says:

We’re is mating interval

Snow Wolf says:

I am 11 years old I have a plan I can buy a server on PS4 for 30 days and 20 slots and have to spend about 20.00 so then I can work with my mom for 2 weeks get 20 dollars then pay the server invite my subscribers and have fun

Hunter Stevens says:

How do u restart a server

yung shakeweight says:

Is there a way i can host a server and play on the same xbox?

Vietnam Numbah 1 says:

maybe i can make my server be night 24/7 *devil emoji*

Manuel Baez says:

its taking a real long time for ingots to be made on my server what do i need to change in order for that to be different

mrsullyrox says:

thank you for your time making this!

Manoel Farias says:

Me ajuda aí por favor meu país e Brasil e não consigo recarregar crédito no nitrado diz ( infelizmente,este método não está disponível ) já tentei todo tipo de forma de pagamento e todas diz isso

Ashley Herbert says:

No Joe play his game I need to fucking help you’re a fucking cunt’s and I’m tired of it all servers that I’m just playing will be BBBB on an odd they have been running me from plied for multiplayer now I don’t even want multiply I’m just I’m not almost against all damage they need to add in the fucking chain minute fucking Spohn shield on top of the shit I want it fixed now Spohn in instant death Spohn in an instant death we can’t have it fixed please get hold of anybody you can get this fixed oh and tell him also to get the kill comedian because that’s what they’re usings

RD-Kingcraig99 says:

It doesn’t allow me to click next?

Shooter McShotty says:

have you ever heard of the ACM admin mod, if you have do you know how to use it on a rented server? i rent the server and have added the mod but cant figure out how to access the tool from my character?

Aaron says:

Its telling me “The game folder is currently not available. Please reinstall the game server if the problem persists.” but when i try and install it it says “There is already a running game switch action, please wait” what do i do…

Teidhgan Minney says:

So if you want a cross cluster server would you have to buy 2 different servers

Spicy Llama says:

This shit bothers me, I just simply want to reset my server, but I’m forced to watch 3 20-30 minute videos to find it. Please leave timestamps to when something is told.

LittleSkippy says:

Jade! Help me please, how do I completely turn off PVP respawn timers on my nitrado server?

Fake 1440 says:

How do I lower the breeding interval

Jonathan Miller says:

Not giving me options to add player to change settings

iTz GaMesTNT says:

were i found my server in ps4 ? i buy a new server but i cant find the server

dr3gree says:

Lol none of the settings work. I have logged a call with nitrado. As you change it all nothing. Do expert mode change ini….nothing…..stopped and restarted and nothing. Waited 15 mins between each restart and save….i tried destroying all structures 10 times as i rented it yesterday …tried again this morning…all buildings still there….ruddy great thanks

Neko Paladin says:

is there a way to save the game play so far to PC?

Jacob Berard says:

How do you increase level of wild Dino’s I put the difficulty to 4 and they highest level I see are 70 and I want to see most of them atleast 100

Lux4789 Lux4789 says:

I’ve made my server everything almost works but I’ve got no Engram points? Why is that?

banditandzues ben says:

Xbox pc unofficial on list center map server name m1chg4nd3r not to boosted but fun for grinders abd medium tribes friendly server and its a cluster wiith aberation soon

Stefan Ekström says:

Is it possible to add servers on a pc and connect a ps4 to it? do they have cross cossole?

ImFAULKn says:

I did what you said and it’s says I preordered it yet the update already happened. Do I have an expected waiting time or was I robbed?

Terirev Rawr says:

How do I reset the server settings to default

The Lazy Chicken says:

so how do i setmyself as admin on my server so that way im able to use “fly” and etc kind of cheats i have no idea how to do it i need good detailed steps on where i whitelist guy and become admin

Antonio Raposo says:

Jade on I’m on xbox I payed the 13.99 for 30 days but it’s saying status . Pre ordered do I have to wait ?

WK says:

Can I rent a server on pc and make my friends on ps4 join me?

Sergeant Infantrymen says:

how do i enable admin commands in a rented server from nitrado? ive tried everything.

okido sapper says:

My server is still loading on the site and don’t show the server itself on ps4. Any way to solve this cuz it take like a hour right now and i can’t refresh of stop the server

Cj LeVeille says:

Hey M8 great vids m, thank you for the heelp setting up my server i hasve been following yours and Jay Cartere’s in regards to set up as I am complete noob. I absolutely love Ark but its being ruined just with my inability to get on a enjoy..I have my ps4 on version 519.3 and the nitrado is 519.1, is this why i cant find my server? Is there a way to sync versions?

Braeden Diffendorfer says:

New Boosted Nitrado Server: (eu) Ryan’s Fun and Games. Infinite player/Dino weight & oxygen, x20 gather, insta tame. Great spots still open so come join!

Exotic Gamer says:

I just purchased mine do I wait for it to go up idk please help it just says preordered

jdog y says:

Can we install mods?

Gary Lyl says:

How do you put new things in drops? I played on someone’s nitrado server and I found imprinting kibble from drops

Marco Simoes says:

My multipliers are changed on the site and saved but when i reset it does not pull through to the game? any help?

NatehawkTV says:

Does cross ark mean you get all the sever’s or have but 4 sever’s.?

GreyWarden14 says:

How do you choose a map?

aaron parks says:

you owe me 30 quid boy

zachary agnew says:

Next to start server my dashboard says connect to server and when I️ press it noting happens and I️ can’t find my server . This is my second server and this never happened on my first one

vic8610 says:

i rented a server for the ps4 cause all my friends play on the consule but am i allowed to add mods to my server that will work for the ps4 and take effect?

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