A Gaming Server from Steiger?

Well, they’ve finally caught up to me. The industry has a rack-mounted gaming PC!

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ThunderbyteNet says:

Just mount it in a 5$ Ikea Lack (table) rack!

Georg Hager says:

So, I looked at them, because everything that spares me the trouble of building my own HTPC is wort a look. And then I saw that they only offer a GTX 950 and a Titan X. Thats, well, thats saying “you can have a useless system, or you can have a very expensive system”. There is no well-rounded system. They only aim for two target groups: Those that like fancy stuff and are willing to pay some money for it at those that dont care about money at all. They do NOT aim for people that know stuff about computers. I mean, liquid cooling a 950 (and a Pentium Processor, which they also offer) is pretty much like mounting a racing exhaust to a 1.6 TDI. You can get this relatively silent for a much lower price. And then the next option? Well, Watercooling an i7 and a Titan X – that makes sense. But there is indeed only a small target audience for that. And most of them would wanna build such a System themself.

Niggels1404 says:

Wait, so this is for people who want to have their personal rig inside a server cabinet?
Linus did it first!

ThePCBro says:

In the future people will slide one of these into the wall of thier basement to run all the Dummy Nodes and peripherals around the house

Slytherin Reviews says:


dildodickgollum says:

This channel is seriously amazing. 5 fucking videos a day, every single one interesting

Marcus Lagergren says:

It maybe the first of its kind from a company… But a friend to me build a rackmounted gaming pc years ago. Around 2001 or so. So for me this whas old news.

Garry Perkins says:

Steiger Dynamics makes some wonderful HTPC’s. If you have a large budget, they make for first-rate gaming machines.

Robert Perry says:

Rack mount, brushed aluminium, HTPC/Gaming PC? I love rackmount gear this is FUCKING LIT

Dave Lee says:

Seems like a ordinary 4U case but iono.

Johann Gudmundsson says:

What about for eSports tournament organizers ?

Instead of having 5x PC cases for each team to lug around between event locations, think DreamHack and ESL etc. – they now just get a 10x slot server box, place it somewhere discrete and can use it as the PCs for the teams playing, say a 5v5 – all the PCs for a game between two teams in one server box.

Not fully thought but something I thought off – the hot swappable drives make it even more something to consider as events often provide each player with his own SSD to have configs and such on (CSGO does this specifically)

StarTrek123456 says:

drop it

AuTo's Gaming says:

Just what I was looking for

Aman Sawhney says:

Zeos has been doing this since forever

Bronzuo says:


MrGatlin98 says:

I see it as a perfect solution for audio systems. Just recently I was looking for a rack-mount computer case to be used with my rack mount audio equipment. This would allow for enough processing power and even an ad in sound card. There may be more people who would use this than you might think!

Rax Pax says:

why not just sell the rack-mountable chassis

Ente Fetz says:

Rack mounted gaming machines are so outdated and last decade !!!
Back in 2008 I built my private PC in a case, that looked almost exactly like that one, but I only had an Athlon 64 3500+ CPU and a Nvidia MX4000 GPU with two 65 GB HDD in Raid 0 and 1 GB of RAM on an Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard.
But I was the cool guy on Lan parties, because of my rack mounted PC !

Omm says:

Self importance makes this linus guy think that his opinion matter :))

Spartan70 NL says:

Its cool steiger released this, they took the risk of releasing a product with a small audience. However im not sure of this really small group of potential buyers is even interested. People with server racks (myself included) tend to buy parts and build it on their own, usually not prebuild or it must be a real server with server grade components instead of consumer ones (proliant, poweredge). This however could be a succes if released as a barebone which saves alot of time while also being customizable.

Michael Bazdell says:

That thing is gorgeous. I’ll have to seriously consider getting it.

YouTube's Saviour says:

Their logo reminds me of Solo mids logo

mongral59 says:

Dam wish this was available 6 month ago. I run a server in my utility room that runs my 4K TV, wife’s PC and a spare system. Also thin client to garage and craft room. I can game with it too, multi usre software is aster V7.

gameflux says:

Ok !

Wesley Ekkel says:

Finally something what i like :p

Hiver says:

I literally need this thing. Exactly that thing.

null0 says:

You guys should do a video using Steam streaming or something.

Rayenne of Tatooine says:

Linus could you help me out? Are server racks more powerful than PCs for gaming?

Mr. Tibbs says:

your job, looks so fun.

Lasley Media Group says:

SATA power wasn’t connected. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Glassed Silver says:

I think we can all agree that ANYTHING rack-mounted is automatically better than its regular version!

Austin Michael says:

It honestly isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be lol

STIHLths says:

So its a rack mounted PC…. Don’t you have a rack mounted PC ? I think the term Server is pretty loose here.

farmerKJS says:

At 2:02 you can see Venetian Resort Hotel Casino’s IP,!


someone please help me out, can i upgrade my intel i5-4690k to get (even slightly) more performance in games like arma 2/3, h1z1? and if so what would be a good option i’m not really too worried about the price

Joey the Link says:

I don’t get it

Lucas Wilson says:

Linus. You can release as many videos as you want, but you will never be able to distract us from the fact that you stole Valerie

Syed SherShah says:

linustechtips has come a long way
I subscribed to them when he was making videos in the NCIX storage room.

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