7 Days to Die | How To Easy Hosted Dedicated Multiplayer Server @Vedui42

▶️ https://pingperfect.com/aff.php?aff=241

❇️ Discount Code (10% Monthly): Vedui

Getting a Hosted Dedicated Server is really simple, and comes with a number of benefits for you and your players. I walk through how to order one from Ping Perfect, a provider I’ve used since 2017 for multiple game servers.

Please use the affiliate link below to reach the hosting provider, and the discount code for a 10 % Monthly recurring discount on your server! Don’t miss out!

▶️ https://pingperfect.com/aff.php?aff=241

❇️ Discount Code (10% Monthly): Vedui

Some important benefits!

1) Server is up 24/7 x365
2) No need for an extra server PC at home.
3) Friendly customer support
4) Multiple server admins
5) Easy modpack installation

After walking you through the order process, where you chose items such as:

1) Billing Cycle
2) Game slots (concurrent players, not total)
3) Server location
4) SSD hosting?
5) Customer support add-ons
6) Server Branding
7) Additional memory (RAM) on host
8) CPU Priority

At the end you review your order and make sure you add on the Discount Code Vedui for the 10 % recurring monthly discount before you submit and pay!

Hosting staff will work to fulfill your order once received, and will update you over email once completed.

With a new server, there are a few steps to consider configuring.

1) Which game version?
2) Configuring your game type, Navezgane vs RWG, number of zombies, game mode, and of course passwords for the server.
3) Configure serveradmin.xml to set yourself as admin, decide which commands players can use, and look at whitelisting and blacklisting.

If you want to access the webmap, you’ll be editing webpermissions.xml to allow it. Don’t forget to also install alloc’s mod through the modpack installer!

When it’s ready, start the server and let it generate, then connect to the IP and Port provided on the page!

Don’t forget to run regular backups, and enjoy your Hosted Server together with Friends!


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If a dedicated local server isn’t cutting it, try out a hosted one! Perfect for playing with a group of friends! Use the link below and the discount code for 10 % off!
▶️ https://pingperfect.com/aff.php?aff=241
❇️ Discount Code (10% Monthly): Vedui

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