2017 End of Year Update – Discord Server & Build Reviews

In this video, I go over all of the ideas I have for my channel and talk about my new Discord server. It’s been a great year and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you all for your support and I can’t wait to get these new videos in the works.

Happy new year,


Discord server: https://discord.gg/nY4cxp2


Paul Bonnici says:

I like your videos keep up the good work

Phoenix says:

All lovely ideas! I love to see vids where you showcase other builders, that is always fun! Looking forward to them, Happy New Year!

ᄃ최윤석 says:

Kiss me Cordless. And fist me with your sexual mind. Jk.

AKuRo3o2 says:

And, I can’t find the discord thing 🙂


Hey, Cordlessvii, I was having trouble with the cat deaco mod on Xbox, it’s not showing up in my menu, and I can’t find it anywhere else. Do you by chance know anything about it?

TheVANSter says:

Dude make more stuff with davy! like get a commentary together where your two creative your won version of the same thing and then show both of them in the video….would be cool

Garrett the carrot says:


AKuRo3o2 says:

You are my fave YouTube by a long shot and I respect your decisions and I know it’s your channel but one the main reasons your my favourite is because of your fallout build videos, they amazed me and inspired me. I just wanted you to know I will always see you as a fallout builder. However I respect your final decisions.

Ty McBride says:

I even got tired of settlement building for a while but im starting to get back into it.

PotatoPlays __ says:

Jamaica Plains Settlement Build would be 2 cute boyo.

paul grigg 111 says:

Warframe please

Biker Girl says:

Hey just wondering what’s going on with the castle build, I was looking forward to it

Thebeautiful11 says:

You should just get invited into our ps4 game and tour our settlements that way.

ThatKidOnYoutube says:

Honestly, one of the greatest channels ever, in my opinion. So awesome, man! Extremely talented and the fact that you take constructive criticism, really makes you a better youtuber! 🙂

jack napier says:

I still play and build love it smoke a bone and keep playing don’t stop building guys love your channel man !

My Smi says:

Love the ideas the having a portal to see other peoples builds. Keep up the awesome work!

Mountain Juice says:

You should get a outro song

indians 86 says:

you should change the name of the discord “cordless discord”

IronRoseArts says:

How did you go about getting you logo and artwork?

SimlyGolden says:

Good plan for the new year and I can’t wait to see more videos from you! and you so organised ahah

Wicked Crayon says:

I watch builds from lots of different channels and you are most certainly on par with anyone else out there. You are creative and fun. You are also much more respectful of mod authors and players who enjoy a different aesthetic than you do. Norespawns tends to criticize any mod or build that doesn’t look the way he thinks Fallout should look. Norespawns is certainly very talented but his attitude is one of the reasons I prefer your channel to his. I look forward to seeing more from you in the new year 🙂

You Tuber says:

Don’t sell yourself short, you are in the same league as any of the FO4 master builders. I prefer your FO content more than the other games. Maybe do a neat challenge vid saying you have to build a specific type of player home where you can only use 25 pieces or some such….could be fun for all of us.

Ashara Stark says:

Hi there, big fan, watched all of your videos. The new tour a completed build and breakdown little parts style is okay but I prefer the classic seeing the build go up videos.

PacmanVlogs says:

Cordless i got an idea!you could find pepole to do a build battle put them on seprate servers give them a topic and pick the winner

The D3Vil_FoxX says:

I just bought Fallout 4 for the PC,
What mods should I use to build good settlements ?
(sorry for my english, Im french)

Will Burcham says:

Random idea but I hope you use it: so I’ve made an awesome weapons and armor shop with power armor frames/workbenches in my sanctuary on the slab near the workbench(surrounded with a chainlink fence) and I gave sturges and a random settler(I use a mod that names settlers so it’s less impersonal) a shop and lots of workbenches and displays and gave it an atom cat theme. Going to but atom cat paint from creation and put it on weapons. Email me @thatboiwill41@gmail.com

Clay Matusak says:

You should make underwater houses

Cheetos Gaming says:

Keep it up!

The Lone Dragon says:

You could call your Discord server “Cordless Communications”

Garrett the carrot says:


Zetto Reu says:

Goal #3: get a third goal

Mr. Trashcan says:

Yaaay reviewing our builds <3 Haha already looking forward to that... I mean in retrospect the one I submitted kinda sucks since - well your stuff is just waaaay better... Haha

Garrett the carrot says:

Ha ha ha I hated the story and loved the settlements

21 Death sole says:

I watched your video and I think you should look at my YouTube channel because I have a few videos on there I uploaded from my PS4 I used share factor to help me do the videos. I did it because I was bored and I had nothing else to do and I thought it would be fun instead of deleting and starting over. hope you like some of my builds or some of the videos. there’s not that many And you’re one of my top YouTubers that I watch to think of ideas to build for fun.

Mrmikzi -Arts says:

I’m building a cool settlement

Jam Goes Ham says:

Hey cordless! Big fan, I take a lot of inspiration from you, Davey, Final render, evilviking, and the whole fallout community. If you would like to be more interactive I would love for you to check out some of my builds, they are very detailed and lore friendly like yours. I’m not trying to promote myself but I think we could make a pretty great video.

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