18 HOURS LATER… Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Review In Progress

After playing 18 hours of the game, here’s my review in progress for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Almost done with Story Mode, still need to try the multiplayer, but these are my thoughts and feelings on the game so far.
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Voiced by Luis “Globku” Martins
Edited by Pedro “Fgeitas”
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com


Luciphell says:

Hellgate: London meets Tron

maxsaredra says:

Is anybody else stuck on a loading screen?

JMasterCrack41Art says:

It reminds me of Freedom Wars – ish, if you remember that game it was on the Ps Vita

Cap Elo says:

Great gameplay, way too much talking for a casual and i mean way too much. Each convo is a loading a screen and most dialogue serves no purpose besides just pointless talking to satisfy the Otaku. Like i just went through 10 min of skipping convos only for them to tell me to go to another area and talk to all those people again.

Hopefully the game opens up because the talking is a huge deterrent. Plus reviewers said its not Focused on Kirito. For my 1st hour the story has been following Kirito heavy…so im not sure where they got that.

The 1st hour was spent with Kirito and pointless chat with his friends…

Kouska Chikara says:

they did introduce that salesman. he just appeared in a cutscene for like 20 seconds and vanished to let you find him later by chance

K7TZ says:

VRMMO? If you guy like this with a good story go play .HACK//G.U. Last recode 🙂

No I’m serious


07:26 Hmm..”Shady Material Merchant”
I gonna complain why the game is not telling about this hidden merchant.

Jaguar Feva says:

It seems like you don’t play RPGs a lot keep complaining about different rooms n load time little stuff your suppose to take your time With a RPG if want everyone in one room or faster stuff go play a fighting game it ain’t for you you even rush the review to beat other people didn’t even take time to enjoy the game why would people take your advise

Windowman1183 says:

I got it today anyone wanna play with me psn:windowman1184

Loli_Pat [Otaku] says:

On main quest 11 what should i do it says go to the old south from the underground labyrinth in solitary sands

ws imam says:

Globku I know gameplays arnt your thing but pls aot 2 gameplay ps I love your vids!!!!

Fang King says:

is there a dub for this game

Weevensteven says:

I’ve been playing the full release of the game and with the online play it’s mostly only for materials you can not level up online all leveling up for some reason is only in the outside world at the beginning of the game anyways Plus there’s a lot to do with Liz up Kirito room with the enchanting and transforming weapons so most of your time will be spent there after you appraise your weapons

Trung Nguyễn Minh says:

freedom war on PC 🙂

Kyle Tilley says:

Yeah, gonna have to pass on this game :/ not just this vid, but others too. You almost sold me with the banking AI doubling as a vendor seeking out stuff for you. I love that idea. But the game overall seems pretty bleh for difficulty and sorta dungeon crawling/ almost open world..

Young Sloth says:

so basically this game is an damn L

GodLike C says:

XD ur AI is called skynet

Akuumuu says:

you can customize the skills from anywhere with a terminal, including the lobby area

Nambay says:

Im still stuck at that one boss t hat throws hundreds if these frickin mines around and that has more lives as hell (25%)

Chris Hartman says:

Agreed. This game tries a lot of stuff and has a lot of potential, but it falls flat in some crucial areas. I’d say if you’re a fan of the series I’d get it, but if not to wait a little while in case they realease some fixes or good dlc.

crash direction says:

Thanks for this video. I’m a casual SAO fan and your bit about the quality of life stuff is a big thing for me. It sounds super clunky.

Victor Alkaiser says:

I gotta say you’re surprisingly critical even after all the videos you’ve done of this game. I’m actually very glad about that. It shows you have integrity, and you don’t blind yourself.
That all said, I’m eagerly waiting the review. I wasn’t planning on buying it any time soon (Budget problems + other games I want coming out right now), so I’ll probably wait for a sale anyways. It does still look fun.

Oh, and perfect name for your ai partner. Skynet. That deserves a +1 on its own.

Juiced says:

I really enjoy this game! I haven’t finished it yet but I’m taking my time getting gear and a lot of other things!

David Traumann says:

Thank you for talking about all the little things of really bad game design that add up to one big NO way I’d would waste my time with this. And that’s the cherry on top of barely 6 different looking locations and roughly 5 enemy types only different in size and color. There are not many games I regret renting but this is definitely one of them.

GutsRage says:

game is not worth full price… w8 for a LEAST a 50 off price cut for pick it up.

OniiChanYamete! Kyahh!! says:

I fucken hate Arfa sys
Stupid useless bitch staying true to her fucken name i even try to make her aggressive in fights and she runs halfway across the map n being a fucken dumb ass

Santino Waters says:

Lmao the people who cant afford it hating so much, if you dont like it dont buy it lmao thats the end of it

Mr BonBon says:

They better add more clothes customizations like gloves / upper clothes / pants / boots/ helments

Newton Sparetire says:

The gameplay is solid imo. I love it because its challenging as well

Takeminakata says:

The ai are super stupid n get you killed more than anything n the 2-3 hours before you play is really bad. At some point youll fall asleep through all the dialogue.

TrainerT Plays says:

If anyone wouldn’t mind checking out my channel, I’m doing a let’s play of SAO Fatal Bullet and would love to have some feedback on it, Thank You whether you do or not and have a blessed day

xXcorpitoXx says:

18 hours in a week? i would have played 100 hours by then

alby13 says:

This video highlights the show stopper problems with this game. For big fans of SAO only.

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