$15 Server Rack Adventures – Part 1 (VLOG) – Netgear 24-port Switch Unboxing & Setup

Welcome to part 1 of my adventures with my $15 server rack. I won this rack from a public surplus auction and plan on putting it to serious work for my home studio.
Today we unbox and set up my gigabit switch, power strip, and take a tour of the rack.

Reddit thread: https://redd.it/5sm0rs

Power Strip – Belkin BE112230-08 – http://geni.us/9XjzI2
Gigabit Switch – Netgear 24-Port, GS324 – http://geni.us/CZlV4A
Rack – APC NetShelter – http://geni.us/Yp8XjXm

Cineform Renderthon Server Build-Off series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzo7l8HTJNK_f3WxnKO9NmgE-iYFbjSaw

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC: https://goo.gl/rJwkQjcc

Thanks for watching!
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RomaTul says:

Rack nuts*

Capp00 says:

You should get some awesome gaming stencils, like Gears of War, Halo and other classic logos and spray paint them on the server case 🙂

Ryss says:

i want kvm console :,(

mario soto says:

More cat unboxings

Tim Lipinski says:

Great rack !  Are you going to mount some heavy UPSs on the bottom of the rack ?  tjl

Dahlton Guilbeau says:

Great video! But i’m gonna troller. Anyone else notived what I did 6:27 .

LordGarth6 says:

audio video sync issue?

fre4kadele says:

You are still missing the best Starcraft Expansion, atleast the box :p Where is the love for LotV? 🙁

Nick Bouwhuis says:

Are you going to get FreeNAS?

Matthias Riegler says:

Cisco has some pretty badass fanless switches, I got a SG300-20

Raul says:

Sometimes I’ll just watch the blinking lights on a server because it’s akwardly satisfying

RichMantaray says:

LOL funny thing,,,that Mac will never use more than 10% of that switch ,,,, i would rather use the server as a desktop pc than a shit MAC

( . Y . ) says:

FAIL…. You are doing it all wrong dude!

sgtevmckay says:

KITTY!!!! <3

Duncan Sterken says:

your cat is so cute

AerWck says:

BBC (Big Black Cabinet)

Klorkson says:

Just wondering: why were the lan connections to the server running on 100m?

Smood47 says:

hard core radio voice effects going on

Ryan Hoeper says:

You should build a pfsense router

NinjaBare says:

you should get the new Intel 3D Crosspoint SSD.

Harold Holsappel says:

Sooo quick little education here for you: because it’s a dumb switch (not a smart/managed one), connecting your server with two lan cables won’t do anything good for you. The only reason for doing that would be link aggregation, but your switch does not understand LACP so it won’t work.

The Explorographer says:

Does that switch auto-negotiate? That rack is pretty sweet!

Jenny says:

Hey, can we get some videos on network programming?

Theguyordie says:

Casual Philip defranco video in the background! xD cool video! Glad to be watching the process while simultaneously making myself jealous of your ability to organize your servers in a rack for such a cheap steal

John Bob says:

Can someone explain what a seed box is? I have a dedicated vm on my server that runs transmission daemon to download torrents because I have found that as a faster and more stable way to download torrents but I don’t understand what a seed box is. If someone could explain I would really appreciate it.

Tyler Cookson says:

Dude, fantastic find for $15!!!! Even on Ebay or Craigslist the lowest I’ve seen the smaller racks is $350-400 range. Well done.

Jujubean says:

Good lord…what else do you do with all this high end hardware aside from your youtube work epos-senpai? o.o

Robert Russell says:

Grats on that deal. I am hunting for a rack right now. To clean up my network.

Rohit Navalgund says:

i really love your beard adam. haha, but great video!

lorcan wall media says:

The idea is you have servers on one side of the rack and on the other is for switches and patch panels.

Black Mafia says:

Nice cat! What is the name

The Wolfboy Archives says:

DFranco FAM!

sgtevmckay says:

Shweet….I am all Jello
That being said….I would have no place to put it 😛

FUTC says:

There are adapters that act like a 4k or 1080p screens that you can plug into the server which probably is cheaper then putting a new monitor in there. But this only makes sense if you dont need a monitor in there

Egon DB says:

nice find! im using 2 wine racks under my servers and i call it a “server rack” aswel :p

have fun with playing around with servers. i’m moving over to a normal case build. was looking in 4u cases but not handy to find in belgium…. found 1 for 100 bucks from the us! 450 euro’s shipping….

so normal case it is…

IraqCTR says:

Overkill for a home, but the price was right…

toilet brush says:

2:18 is it supposed to look like that? looks like the plastic warped.. like a lot!

Krishna Das says:

How do you make a profit selling stuff you already bought on eBay?

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