ZMODO Camera review – do not buy them

Less than a year after spending £500+ on Zmodo camera equipment, I now have to uninstall all of it.

Zmodo have updated their firmware to force all customers to stop using their local recording devices (the Zmodo DVR/NVRs they bought) and use the Zmodo cloud service instead.

Because of this, me and many other customers can no longer access live camera feeds or recordings from our computers. Instead, they now want us to log on to internet and access footage from there. Even if I was prepared to do that, they haven’t launched this service yet. So there is NO recording capability.

Furthermore, due to the new firmware, all previous recordings have been lost from all cameras.

I contacted Zmodo via their support forums. It took me a few days to get my account ‘approved’. When I asked for help, they blocked my account and deleted my post. Understandably, not the kind of support a reputable company would offer their customers.

Please beware of this company.


Jane says:

Appreciate the feedback, I was just going to buy a couple because they’re cheap.

Jody Bryant says:

I have a 4 camera system and an NVR. They all work for me just fine. If I want a local recording, I just save it onto an external hard drive that I plug into the NVR itself. If I want to access my cameras from a PC, I use and I can view every single one. In my experience, none of my equipment was force updated newer firmware. I had to choose to do so. A lot of the changes you talk about was because of the possibility of someone being able to directly access your equipment on a local level. This happened with a lot of other brands of cameras as well. I think Zmodo does a good job for the amount of money that you have to pay for their products compared to others. Again, these are all opinions.

Evil Dude says:

saved me some cash, thanks.

Larry Liang says:

yes I am agree that too. I bought it like 2 weeks then one of my camera already doesn’t work.

MaxReckless99 says:

Zomodo customer service sucks.. useless

InvenTech says:

Hope this comment is helpful if you have a 1tb DVR and it records 24 hour video and you can play it back THOUGH you need to set the DVR up so first you need to set it up first it also works in android I think but am in iOS you go in the app in the first page you press the add button then you press add device and then you press wireless device and smart kit then smart kit then you connect to the network your DVR is connected to and then put how many cameras you have then it will connect to them then after that you can play back at any time:)

adrian ugalde says:

i was about to by these… damn.. thanks

Kewana Long says:

Mine stopped

Sam deB says:

Yeah, happy about the product itself. But, the software update making it impossible to save on the local ssd is a scam. I bought this thing for local saving of my vids. Now I have to buy their cloud solution? They can shove this bell up a dark spot, where the sun doesn’t shine. This company should be boycotted.

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