Why I don’t host my websites in the cloud

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For the best company to host with I recommend Linode https://www.linode.com/?r=874c4935b82e58d5529728f4f4f336edef847a8b

I’m not a huge fan of the cloud and mainly it’s because of price. It’s much more expensive to host your website in Azure, Google App Engine or Amazon than it would be using Linode or Digital Ocean. In my opinion Linode is the best hosting company out there.


Max Ong says:

How about Heroku then?

David Connelly says:

Very good video. I’ve been searching the web for two days – trying to find out how much I could expect to pay for hosting an online shop on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure. No matter where I go, I CANNOT GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER.

Now, I know that they’ve got this super complicated thing going on. I get that. But you’d think that somebody out there would be able to give you a rough idea of what the price might be for somebody starting out with a normal website.

Again, I cannot get that info!

This is the first video I’ve seen where somebody talks openly and frankly about the costs for hosting with one of the ‘big three’. So, it’s a thumbs up here. We need more videos like this.

Caleb Lewis says:

It doesn’t seem like you don’t not like cloud servers – you just don’t like azure.

Brandon Clapp says:

I think IaaS providers bill by the hour because certain architectures (i.e. micro services) promote horizontal scaling. So, for example, you may need to spin up 100 servers for 2 hours to get a ton of work done really quickly and then shut them down. Also, if you see that most of your load is occurring between 6pm and 9pm, you can spin up additional web servers (or any other type of server for that matter) for only those hours and only pay for the 3 hours that you use them.

trango89 says:

I can’t consciously recommend shared hosting when you can get a VPS for $5/m on DigitalOcean if you’re looking at that price range and get the whole range of benefits a VPS provides. you can get $10 in credit on DigitalOcean here: http://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=f35be46425f9

DigitalOcean have a wealth of information and user submitted posts that walk you step-by-step into getting up and running.
Alternatively, EasyEngine helps you setup and install your website in just 2 commands.

The bottom line is that you should be using a VPS, DO’s cheapest plan is $5/month and with EasyEngine you will be up and running within the hour. Additionally, site speed is a definite ranking factor in Google and as a new site, you want all the advantage you can get. 40% of people abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

You should avoid Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost

Kevin Purcell says:

Have you priced out PaaS solutions vs. IaaS? Of course running virtual machines inside of Azure or AWS is more expensive, but what about AWS Elastic Beanstalk or Heroku?

Derek Pauley says:

Hey man I love your videos. But DigitalOcean and Linode are both “Cloud”. I see what you’re saying about setting up your own server. But those servers you set up are themselves virtualmachines on hundreds and thousands of Data Centers all over the world. So really the difference you’re talking about here is PaaS and IaaS. So I still like the video. I was just throwing out there that it’s all the cloud but they’re product models are different. If the server is not in your datacenter then it’s in the cloud lol.

pvpblake hc says:

when linode bans you for scripting

mark2741 says:

I’ve been using WebFaction for a few years now and been very happy. It is a unique approach to hosting for developers. You get shell access so if they don’t have an auto installer for what you want then it can be added. And the support is excellent. * I’m not spamming or have any connection to them. Just thought I’d throw it out there as an option for anyone that didn’t want to go full-self-admin : )

Peter Etelej says:

I’m a fan of DigitalOcean; you should check out its 5 dollar a month option; which is excellent for deploying smaller web apps/sites or just having environments to work with.

Dan Vasquez says:

Good video, however I’d like to note that unlike the other hosting services that charge by the hour weather you’re idle or not, App Engine only charges you for the bandwidth you use. They also have free accounts.

Jalal Maqdisi says:

I use linode as well and very satisfied with the service

Arjun Chandran says:

I use DigitalOcean and I love it. it’s just as low as 5$ a month

Daniel Nyamsari says:

good job

Will Blew says:

Thanks for the kind words! – Will from @linode

Irder says:

i am running global business on linode host,it’s quite stable,fast

woi cops says:

how much will cost for hosting my android application on Amazon cloud /month?

bissli82 says:

Thank you for a great video! as a starting entrepreneur I couldn’t agree more with how complex billing is, for most cloud services. I’ll definitely check out Linode.

Siim Haas says:

If you want a .net site why you would not go with .net core? You can run that on linux server.

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