Vortex Cloud Gaming PC & Android Review 2018

Vortex is a Cloud Gaming Service from the makers of Remotr. It’s available on any Computer with a modern Chrome Web Browser or on Android. In this video, find out if Vortex is worth your time, and which games are available through their service.

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Mr.Beef. 21 says:

Is fornite runing better cause am going play 10 dollars tomorrow. My pc is bad and plz reply. I sub btw.

2WICE says:

Can I use Vortex on my phone without owning a pc? I figured later on down the road, I’ll buy whichever licensed game I want from Steam on my phone as well as pay the Vortex subscription fee (if that’s even possible).

Josiah Gc says:

Would I have to pay monthly, or is it for life time

huhuhuh mesister says:

bro plz tell me to play fortnite in this we have to not pay a single penny

Yash Mehta says:

any cloud service that provides free trial so i can atleast have a try n see if it’s worth for me?

Floss_Best_ Emote_In_Fortnite says:

Ive finally got vortex and ive been playing fortnite alot but these past 3 days I cant play it says an update is required please restart the game and I did but the same message pops up over and over please help

Mr Pizza says:

but only have 10 years old i dont have money my mom dont have nothing of money no man

Kuza says:

It keeps saying ”update required” on Fortnite, please help..

tanmay joshi says:

Does it directly download the games like gforce now ??

slayer 2.0 says:

Out of all the cloud gaming what’s the first one you will get and what’s second you will get

Mr.RandomVids ROBLOX AND MORE says:


Faux Fuu says:

(1) is 5mbps enough to run this on PC?
(2) would 3g be enough for Android devices?

Reimen Ediale says:

How do connect a controller on the chrome browser

Gabrio Greco says:

They could give 1free hour gameplay as trial, just to try it.The fact they don’t even provide a way to test it , it’s a no-go for me.If the service they give is good , it doesn’t cost them anything give 1 hour trial.Can’t trust them ,especially after the lag from PC i saw in your video.Was looking for something to use my 2 in 1 tablet while traveling , looks like i will have to wait geforce now for PC …hopefully before the end of 2018.

Kronos says:

you can also just play straight into your browser by going to vortex.gg for the people on chromebooks

Floss_Best_ Emote_In_Fortnite says:

Do I need to have A PC and does fortnite work?

Marc says:

Too bad Vortex doesn’t list ARMA and Argo among its available games

DugiManiA says:

Hi! This is truly an awesome video. I was looking carefully for un-biased and professional review of cloud gaming in general and cloud gaming in general, and this channel does the job well. Thanks a lot!

Axel Rivera says:

Can someone plz let me use their account?

Julio GZ says:

Works for me and its good

Dhruv Khatkar says:

Hey!Love your videos, thanks for making awesome videos for this niche community which seems to be growing day by day. In your opinion what is the best option for people living in Asia like India?

rogue angel says:

Vortex is very limited but for $10 can’t go wrong 100 hours of play and maybe 30-40 games most needing steam key authentication but some free oh and wait times when you press play game but not too bad liquid sky for same price gives you like 2 hours a day on weekdays lol just wish they had humblebundle games like dead rising 4

Kuza says:

Is your Fortnite screen on Vortex black aswell?

BEXDOL says:

Hey, can i install GTA V on Snoost? Its only have 60gb hard drive, gtav is 75gb? i have seen that you have played gta v on snnost in one of previous videos, how you installed it?

Alex says:

Does it give me more fps?

Kien Tran says:

thank you for the information

Ben Thorneywork says:


A tip I can recommend for you is to add light music in the background when it comes to actually talking in person.

DVXQ _ says:

you have to pay to play fortnite now ? and how much does it improve your gameplay?

Gaming Doge says:

It doesnt run that smoothly

DRYgvidas cbro nub says:

Wait if u would subscribe on android phone for month can u play on computer too with same acc? Plez anwser a need to know

23asghir says:

it said pay ment un autrized i have my credit card right here

Olschgo says:

I dont can Play fortnite it stands Update required???

Pauly says:

Looks laggy af!! Is that just me mate??

ElectroS. says:

Hey flickstiq! On the Vortex connection test I have a fair connection… Will this still deliver a good gaming experiance?

Beefi Boi says:

I have a slight problem.. When playing shooters, i can’t aim and shoot at the same time. Pressing left mouse button and right mouse button doesn’t work. In fortnite, you really need the aim. It’s crucial, and it’s annoying that i can’t.. Any tips?

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