The TRUTH about Huawei Mobile Cloud !

The new Huawei Cloud is here and we had a deeper look on the service and if it’s really secure. Secure clouds are growing in importance as regulations are set and in this episode of the truth about we will have a deep look at them.
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Rick Mansur says:

Not sure I am comfortable with storing all my data in a communist country.

paulb4uk says:

Xaiomi also have a cloud service not sure how it compares .

Rachid Alhourani says:

You’re more stressed than passionate about this.

Also chillax, you’re a handsome man. You are too old for the Cappy. Maybe a new style for a man who knows his tech stuff and is confident of the quality of his content!

Guten morgen aus Duisburg auch!

Marius Guran says:

On the same day I bought my mate 10 pro my eBay account got hacked from the first time, coincidentally on eBay I have same password with Huawei cloud. Coincidence? I don’t think so

Bobby Roberts says:

Nothing special. What I’m looking for is the backup of the whole phone image or specific app (full app and appdata).

resqdragon says:

iCloud with 5 GB free

OmegaReviews says:

I refuse to trust a company from a country where companies over 50 employees must have someone from the government party in their leadership. And I really do not think the privacy policy is worth my trust.

I use one, google drive and lightroom sync for my online storage

Sanmo093 says:

I use The Samsung Cloud (15GB for Free) and yes, i trust them

Joshua Su says:

I think the titles could be changed from “The TRUTH about” because it’s becoming old…

Michael Gerrard says:

Since my first smartphone, the HTC Hero, I have stored my contacts for free in gmail. I remember back then Apple users having to use itunes to move contacts from one phone to another, so old fashioned. Hauweu’s cloud service is making it easier, because everything is stored. However, what if I change to another phone manufacturer later? I prefer Google, it is more agnostic.

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Isn’t Xiomi the APPLE of China?
Huawei – Pride of China
Xiomi – Company of China

Russ says:

There are prying eyes everywhere who want your data – just look how much they will collect and keep if they can get away with it. What we need is private cloud storage: a micro server you can leave switched on at home which you can access as easily as cloud storage from anywhere online.

Nicholas Narcowich says:

I looked into Huawei as the phones are impressive, but Verizon didn’t seem to support them. Are there any Huawei phones that work in The States with Verizon, or do I need a different carrier?


I forgot my file Safe password and security question answers too. What should I do now to access my files??

Fred Gadget says:

Truth bullshit return back this is a reason I unsubscribed you

rafael asis says:

ONE DRIVE !!!!! yes!!!

Ralph Smit says:

I love how you say huawei

stijn steyaert says:

i dont like the truaway phone’s

Michael Gerrard says:

Thanks for the video and your effort!

Banana Joe says:

Very good video on an underrated topic. Still do not fully trust them, but the point with europe was good.

Tech Onely says:

sadly every fucking body is doing the truth about.

All in One 1 says:

Such a good joke

Mohammed Abdul Aowal says:

Which theme are you using?

Hamad Badar says:

I use onedrive…

zamzaidi zakaria says:

Can you PLEASEEEEEEEE teach how u made all the background black….????

Ivan Milovanovic says:

What is the difference between Huawei’s and Xiaomi’s cloud service? I see nothing.

Ultra Don says:

I use
50 GB free storage and it looks en feels safe!

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