The Best Online Backup Services For Filmmakers (Store UNLIMITED Footage For Cheap)

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Let’s talk about one of the least glamorous, but most important parts of filmmaking: backing up your footage so it isn’t lost forever! Over the years, I’ve tried out many online backup services, trying to find an option that offers unlimited storage of terabytes of footage, while also being cheap.

In my opinion, if you are just starting out in filmmaking and don’t use an online backup service yet, for $5 per month for unlimited backups, Backblaze is a fantastic deal! But if you want more control over your backups, plus the ability to deliver large videos to clients, I recommend signing up for G Suite.

Unfortunately, I am completely out of coupon codes for GSuite! 🙁 I’ve reached out to Google for more, and will update this description when I have more to give away. I would still love if you could signup for GSuite using my referral link:

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Jared Zitting says:

Yes a Local backup video would be amazing!!!!

Boris Louboff says:

Hi Matt,
thank you for his tip !!!
One question though, do you back all your raw footage or only the project files (including the video clips you actually used in the video) and the final renders ?
I’m thinking : what’s the point storing all this video clips I did not use in the final video mainly because the shot was not good enough so I know I probably won’t use it ever…
Thank you !

CalvFilms says:

Recently come across this channel and you’re a massive help man! Awesome to have someone like you in the community 🙂

eD Sells says:

FREE Google option if you’re cool with only 1080p backups – just create a dedicated Google Account and point Backup & Sync to your archive… Images and vids are unlimited. So cool!

Steve G says:

Dude, your content is so great and incredibly helpful!!!

Please make a video about you local backup!

Living Proof Filmz says:

Bro. Were you just in Alaska? Could have swore I just seen you here at the airport.

Adam Loveridge says:

Yep, show me your hard drives…

Taylor Moore says:

Did I immediately go sign up for G Suite after watching this? Yes! Yes I did! Outstanding video Matt!

David Carr says:

Hey Matt, I know how to speedramp…but has difficulty speed ramping to beat of music. Any advice? Thank you.

Keigo Moriyama says:

Matt thank you so much! I now moved from amazon drive (so sad they removed the unlimited space) to OneDrive (similar feature as g suite but I think a little bit cheaper)

turtea cristi says:


Ian Frank // Films says:

For sure gonna buy

Lucas Brito says:

Awesomee!! I was looking for something like this!! Thank youu!!

J H says:

Hi Matt, curious how you get unlimited storage because G Suite states that, if less than five users, you only get 1TB. Please advise how you truly got unlimited storage?

Little jeff says:

This is so amazing that you made a practical video like this!!

Lucas Brito says:

Did you try the Ronin-S?? Are you planning on doing a video about it??

Flying Ace Films says:

Hi Matt, very cool as I did not know about this feature with GDrive and I had been using just the GSuite basic. Killer tip. Thanks. In exchange, here is something you can share with others if so inclined. If you are on the Google Photos free unlimited version, as a video editor, you can use those videos files as proxies in your editing within premiere. Just sync to cloud, and when ready to edit, download the video album, unzip, I rename folder to Proxy, then open premiere, load your content in the project, then choose “attach proxies” no waiting and bogging down your own machine to create them. It has some quirks but it works. Cheers! Thanks again. If you have any coupons lmk I might try upgrade.

Jordan Willet says:

I would love to see a video on local backups!

WAVos Weddings says:

Matt thanks for your content it we love your work and content. Yes please I dont know which brand of harddrives are the best that will not fail. It would super helpful if you can make a video on what drives you use and which is the best for the least amount of money. Cheers from South Africa

H berry says:

Go ahead with the local storage recommendations. I’m sure you have some good recommendations and tips.

Andrew Tregoning says:

hey boss did you ever get an instamic?? my rode smart lav+ just broke…

Eli says:

I have a g suite account but I don’t think I have the unlimited storage. I use Backblaze and also have amazon prime so I get unlimited photo storage which is great if you just are a photographer.

Роман Винокуров says:

What’s about Jottacloud?!

BomRaj says:

@03:08 this feature make it most useless service . Not even worth to bring to the public.

d4foster says:

Been a user for years! Love Backblaze!! My hard drive went out last year on my iMac and they sent me an external drive with everything on it in like two days. Cha Ching!! The best and easiest solution to a scary problem!

riccardo delfanti says:

Is it possible to set folder do be private and viewed/used only by a user of the 5? Or all the data are in the same “account” for all the 5 users?

The Garma Family Experience says:

Thanks Matt this is great advice

Focus On Why Media says:

Thanks Matt! You are awesome. Very great video and helpful.

Neha Vikas says:

Short Answer : Google G Suite.

Upvote like now, thank me later

Espree Devora says:

yes please make a local backup video

Kevin i says:

Yes I second the video for local storage! The thing that scares me the most about local backups is lightning strikes. 1 direct strike to your line will fry everything. I keep an external unplugged just for this reason. Great video yet again!

Just Bobby.T says:

Hey thanks for sharing – been looking for a backup solution and was about to pull the trigger on backblaze not realizing I had unlimited storage in my google suite account!

fathomrocker says:

Thank you Matt! Signed up wit your link!

Cristian Hallivuori says:

Great post, Matt! How is it, if 5 friends take their own accounts for G suite for Business separately, they can be combined so that all of them have unlimited storage? And if yes, is their access to others files limited or is it completely shared space? And will be there one administrator from these 5?

bedlam says:

You are an absolute legend mate!

Rolando Cocom says:


Matt WhoisMatt Johnson says:

Yo! You can signup for Backblaze here:
And GSuite here:
Hope they help you protect your footage! 🙂

Andrew Montoya says:

This video just helped me out sooooooo much! I had no idea about G Suite. I just signed up. Thanks!

Espree Devora says:

So no go on Dropbox?

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