Special Vlog: A PlayKey Review (a cloud gaming service)

Music: Bennet


Gekko Steijn says:

Hi Simon, you make great stuff! But I have a question about “TopTenz” and “Today I found out”. What system do you use to keep track of what you have made, ideas for new topics and which videos to link to in new videos? Its a lot of content to keep track of.

Gekko Steijn says:


the nomadic ninja says:

Most useless review in the world

Luis Henrique Caetano says:

Do you trust entering your steam ID and password on a third party computer???

jellypeanutbutter666 says:

I came looking for a PlayKey Review, I found Simon Whistler! The things you find out, eh. Thank you.

Haffina says:

Have to let my boys know about Playkey, they would probably like it a lot.

Anthony MacLeod says:

another really good video. and I’m always looking forward to your next video on all of your chanel’s.

Metrolija says:

Can’t wait for the food challenge. Think streaming services are too many “If”‘s tho, if your computer can run it, if your internet is good, if the server is up, if your isp is naggy about traffic etc

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