Snoost Cloud Gaming Review & Gameplay 2018

Snoost is a Cloud Game Streaming Service that allows you to play games for an unlimited number of hours with your membership. With plans ranging from $9-$30 a month, is it worth your time? Could it be your go-to Cloud Gaming service?

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ene franco says:

thanks for the video been looking for a up to date video on this

BC Productions says:

Will this service run pubg ok?

GazaGoat says:

Its not letting me choose a plan its jut saying “Coming soon”

atomic jelly says:

How can I use parsec on this please help

ritu puneetarora says:

How to use it on android

MrScrimerr says:

in this subscription, there are no games? all games I need to install on this virtual drive D yes?

Elite Players says:

U should have more subs. i have always wanted to play games on pc except my pc is trash and i couldnt so this is really awesome thank you

BorbingoBoy says:

There doesn’t appear to be a way to keep Parsec on the machine, unfortunately, because the only portable version of Parsec is for clients only.

Dank Teemo says:

somehow I got a free month of snoost

Faux Fuu says:

Thank you for the video! You earned a sub 🙂

eire ops says:

no way of accessing it now since the alpha was closed ?

Artem Aharkov says:

Thank you for the video!

paul Z says:

that name is horrible

Dence says:

I dont really know what I’m doing wrong, its very laggy and can barely move the mouse when in snoost.

Yash Mehta says:

It says the alpha has ended

Lit lil bro says:

Can’t use my keyboard on Parsec.

Help please.

Can’t type on parsec.

Game Tech & Match says:

great channel! Im happy I`ve found it!

TECHNOLOGY Master says:

Is snoost available for android

Air Conditioner says:

The jumpy ness is caused by the resolution setting on your pc

Nolan Horn says:

Alpha ended? What do I do?

TheJaydenGamer6 says:

Blade shadow is way more stable, replaces chips when the next generation comes out, and soon they will give you a PC for an extra $10 a month or about $150 to keep forever. What are the benefits here that I wouldn’t have there done better.

Ben Thorneywork says:

Alright, my guy, I need some advice.
I have the opportunity to purchase a gaming pc with an GTX 1060 and Intel i7 processor.

Should I get the pc or stick with Blade Shadow?

Iulian Serban says:

They say the offer you 3 days trial but actually they make you pay right away for this “free” trial. This means you don t have a free trial at all.

nguyen phung dang khoa says:

Has anyone tried to use Snoost with Chromium? I wanted to use it on my Rapsberry Pi . However, when I tried to use it via Chromium window version, it does let me install the extension but it appeared to keep loading and couldnt stream. When I tried again on regular chrome, it works just fine.

Noah Penwell says:


ArcAngel 67 says:

play fortnite on it please, also nice vid

Ged Matthews says:

Tried this out on my Acer E13 chromebook, it works very well tbh for those that need this sorta thing . I have a gaming PC but for those who maybe have a chromebook and want to p[lay PC games, its very promising and works great. I was kinda sceptical, but I was wrong, much better than I expected. My only reservations were adding my debit card details and logging into my steam with a relatively unknown company (not many folk seem to know about this) & I dont trust companies lightly. Overall if your comfortable with this give it a go, thanks for video 😉

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