Shadow Cloud Game Streaming Service Review

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In this video I take a look at a new cloud streaming service called Shadow. With this service, not only do you stream video games, but an entire gaming PC. But it comes at the cost of a pricey monthly fee as well as potential latency…

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Hamed Bakhshi says:

great video and all but the servers are in Europe and that’s why you have latency

If you go down to the use section and there you can see that the latency is bad the father you are from there servers.

Fear WasteD says:

Use less of your internet in the video you selected 50mps 20/15 mph you’ll get less latency

opcreator says:

Really high quality video, i was considering this service for me when i want to go to an event like dreamhack becasue it’s kinda hard to bring a big tower and kinda risky too but i mostly play games like csgo where latency is very importaint so thank you keep making great content.

TheLionzMusic says:

I play on GeForce now on a 2012 iMac, and the latency isn’t THAT bad, I’ve been using the service for about 9/10 months now pretty much daily for games like PUBG and R6 Siege. There have been a lot of deaths that could’ve been avoided by not streaming, as well as network throttling etc, and overall the experience hasn’t been perfect, but try GeForce now, it’s free right now, and it might feel better to you.

Fear WasteD says:

It also depends on which you live the website show the states where the databases meaning you’ll get better connection

mr squish says:

Because it is mainly in Europe and they just put them out in America

Xeryus says:

Lets mine on it

dcannon121 says:

At 3:13 your email shows through the censorship…

Meso Phyl says:

Great video
2:23 you forgot it’s also compatible with Linux 😉

ZFW Vlogs says:

Great video

AJ Minotti says:

Curious to know where you are located. Could have an effect on the latency.

Meso Phyl says:

6:54 your internet is “pretty good”. What does that mean? Pretty good for US standards? Lol

astrixx says:

You should check your ping. I have 8ms ping to the East Coast datacenter. That’s probably 1 frame delay. I don’t notice it at all. However, I’m not super twitch, so maybe I’m less sensitive to it.

KrossFyre says:

Made a review after an hour, ive been thinking about getting this for a little bit and imma test it, although i value your opinion and your videos message i think this Software is revolutionary but ill test it out and potentially make a vid on it myself.

Ali Mohamed says:

If you want $10 discount on shadow just put this on promo code: ALIYBTZ7

Javier Little says:

Your review is very lacking, maybe its the fact that you dont understand half of what you are doing. Could you at least provide us with your connection speed and provider or a location that you tested it? Are you in the US? Are you in the West coast? I want to buy into this but there arent very many reviews that share any of this information.

MisterMorbol says:

This is why i stopped using shadow. Latency is the key issue when playing games that require alot of movement and i have 200mb net speed. Hear is another issue, being a server based service , the amount of users at one given time using the same cpu can kill performance and latency. So if your using this during peak times it will be slower and see alot of lag and screen tearing. I got so fed up with the problem that i just let my friend use it as he cant afford a decent pc.

BoB B says:

I’ve been using it for a month, playing at 1440p on MacBook in NY. Latency isn’t bad, and I’m 50 ft away from Wifi router. But when I connect to Ethernet, there is no noticeable latency at all. So using this on WIFI could be increasing your latency.

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