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pCloud is a new cloud storage provider that offers its users 10GB free storage right off the bat. It can even be increased to up to 20GB if you invite friends and family. pCloud stores your data in the cloud and makes it accessible with your computers and mobile phones.

It doesn’t download the data to your computers that’s why you can use it as an online storage system to free up some space from your hard drive. That’s how its different from Dropbox.

If you’re looking for a good alternative and if you’re hard drive is already squeakingly lacking storage, you end up with a well rounded service provider for your cloud storage needs.

### Features ###

✔ 10GB free storage
✔ Speedy uploads
✔ high level of security
✔ file sharing and syncing
✔ collaboration in folders


kamran Dj says:


jean triquart says:

i would want the payment allopass sms please, it is not good, i c an’t pay now

Tina Naumann says:

Be carefull of pcloud. If you upload your files there. They have permission to see all your files. No secrets! Warning !!!

DJ Jaytoven says:

You guys always do a great job at reviews. Thanks for that.

Ryan Kim says:

pCloud now (as of 17 Aug 2017) has a lifetime subscription of 500GB for USD125 .

DJ Everest says:

So could I use this as backup? For my external hardrive? I understand services like backblaze and crashpan may be better for backup but I’m still curious. I even noticed my WD ext drive came with a feature to “backup” to dropbox.

Moo Moo says:

Possible to have sub-accounts inside your main accounts?

Sophia Dafirst says:

If i were to download a software, e.g, steam or like after effects or something or games (.exe) would that be able to work…(without using storage from my normal :C hardisk?
my question is, is pcloud like a virtual hard disk or not? does it give you actual mbs/gbs for use on a laptop?

tretagamer br says:


Lol Man Dand says:

Can it give viruses? Like downloading different files?

DavidDIY says:

Register on pCloud by using this referral link to get +1GB of extra storage (plus the free account with 10GB+3GB).

Ricardo de Soto says:

i shall try it!

Tyler Roeckl says:

what’s wrong with his tongue?

Boris Zeh says:

usefull thx

Hiden Seek says:

Very complicated for me as I don’t know how to send a video file from my iOS Pcloud app to my friend’s iOS Pcloud app. Pls tell me how to do it ( sending single file only ) ( exchanging in two iPhones in Pcloud app )

Paul Oxford says:

My verdict is that its a piece of rubbish.
too cumbersome
I don’t want to use this again

everything.mathai says:

does pCloud provide you with multiple folder sync (like sugarsync) or do you have to move your stuff to their drive in order to sync across multiple devices. You know when they will realize Windows 8 compatibility.

maungnaing Maungoo says:


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