pCloud Online Storage Cloud Service 10GB Free Android iPhone PC Review Demo

Sign Up for 10GB Free Account Here: https://partner.pcloud.com/r/1008

(This an affiliate link – if you decide to sign up for a monthly paid service, pCloud pays me a small commission – the price is the same to you either way.)

Android App on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pcloud.pcloud

pCloud Online Storage Cloud Service 10GB Free Android iPhone PC Review Demo

This is an excellent cloud storage service with an awesome app and user interface. Easy to use for any kind of file. Super fast upload and download times. Overall great service. Get up to 20gb free, but also can get 500gb of storage for only several dollars a month.

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quicksite says:

Hi, thanks for the thorough info…. It’s late night and i wasn’t able to watch full video, but had a question: I’ve been researching alternative to Dropbox, and the “Top Ten” alternatives that I get with regular Google Search does not show pCloud. But I persisted in looking further because the only service that seems to come close to what I’m looking for is Microsoft’s OneDrive– but the reviews I read said its mobile app is pretty good, but web browser file management interface is bad user experience.

So I found pCloud, I know it’s a Swiss company — and I like using intl companies who in some cases have more advanced features and better interfaces than US-based companies. I looked at pCloud’s own channel’s into videos — and they’re terrible, like 30 sec long and dont really show the interface. But I found this video by you, and one thing that struck me immediately from your intro was music streaming. Totally unexpected and something I would really use.

So here are my questions: I currently pay for a Dropox 1TB account @9.99/month. Usability on Dropbox is generally very good. But I did see one more recent pCloud video comparing the upload of a 1G video file to Dropbox vs to pCloud — and the time diff they showed was unbelieveable — about 5-6 min on Dropbox and only 1 minute on pCloud.

(1) Is that really your experience too?

(2) The big reason that caused me to go researching an alternative to DB is their unbelievable missing feature: View Folder Size. Totally missing in DB — they only show a file size, but no folders. This is clearly to discourage free users from being aware of how much storage they’ve used, with the play being to then induce free users to pay for more storage. Yet, I *did* pay for more storage, and even as a paying user, they do not have that feature on web or apps. So, my question is: Does pCloud have, in their web browser mode, “Folder Size” ? It’s the whole reason I have been looking to switch.

I’ll check back with you in a few days to see if you could answer this. Thanks very much– good job on the video.

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