Now Amazon Is Making A Cloud Gaming Service

Amazon is getting into Cloud Gaming with it’s new Streaming Service. Let’s discuss.

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Everything Cool says:

well at least it will kill microtransactions

J Neff says:

It doesn’t matter where the industry wants to go… players don’t want cloud gaming. Companies are gonna find that cloud gaming is going to go the way of VR gaming… a ton of companies will try to push it… players wont bite, and companies are going to lose money on it, then come back to more traditional distribution.

ShagStars Productions says:

when cloud gaming begins to be the norm you will get like a gamingcorntime or something to counter it. Just like popcorntime and porntime do to netflix and other services.

Yummy Waffles says:

I never had a problem with downloading games, never!

Mulder & Scully says:

That’s how Rich greets his mom.

D. San says:

Amazon needs to be broken up. And U.S companies need to stop being obscene and have some morality and stop chasing and squeezing every bit of money. Shareholders need to stop being so greedy. And companies need to calm down caring about them.

Cars And Zombies says:

Im not a fan of cloud gaming…. What would happen with mods then? Would you not be able to because of the overlords you’re subscribed to?

Sean Ryan says:

I really hope I’m wrong about this, but I have a feeling cloud gaming is going to ruin gaming. What incentive is it for developers to make unique and creative experiences if they are just getting a guaranteed stream of money from us? All they will have to do is make sure games are good enough to keep us paying. Now us old guys might not tolerate this for long, but what about new generations that don’t know any better? I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. I think my future may just be playing retro games and just finding some new hobbies. Kind of sucks really.

Tony Currier says:

I love cloud gaming.

EcoSos3 says:

I don’t think 5g will be any better than what it is now.

Ryan Wilhite says:

My only problem with digital only distribution is that it’s worse for game preservation. Apart from that it’s easier to get games, more convenient, and less intensive on our physical resources so I’m OK with it.

Frank S says:

Ya blew it

KonTro113d KhaOZ says:

Rich….. You love pie, stfu…… lies about pies…

abqwizard says:

Cloud service… how is the wii store working for you now? Those game you bought are now gone… good luck now

Alt+Doom says:

I love input lag said no one ever.

Jerk Norris says:

Steve youtubee keeps trying to show me his junk

quag311 says:

Your new editor deserves more credit!

Nike' Kruger says:


Daniel Gyllenbreider says:

Hey, Rich! I don´t care about cloud gaming. And neither do you, BOOOYYY!

Kain Stidham says:

Youtube is very slowly but surely going up in flames though

Alan says:

Rich no pie cmon now we know u like pie

Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan says:

I don’t think cloud gaming will ever be exclusively the only way to play games. I think there will always be physical consoles or cloud gaming as an option. These companies know that connections can be lost so they will lose money if people lose their internet connections, so having it as an option will always ensure that people can still game on physical consoles without streaming and then they can still make money that way.

Daniel Gyllenbreider says:

I will click YOUR “Click Butt”, Rich!

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