Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review, Is This The Private Cloud You Want?

Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we are very happy to review a Lima Cloud Device that lives up to the hype – the Lima Ultra.

The Lima Ultra Sells for $129 (hard drive is separate) –

We were not fans of the original Lima, but the Lima Ultra has increased power and speed via hardware improvements and the software has been greatly improved as well.

As we state in the video, there are still some bumps and issues, but overall, the Lima Ultra is now a viable option for people looking for a private, secure and fee-free personal cloud.

Here is more information –

We designed the Lima Ultra to take that experience one step further. At every possible level, the Lima Ultra has been engineered to increase performance and efficiency.

Install the Lima device at home by plugging it to your hard drive and router. It will protect your files and make them available to you on all your devices remotely.

Cloud services store your files on their servers somewhere. Lima stores your files at home, on your own hard drive.
Right where you can see.

No hidden cost.
No monthly fees.

Cloud services rent you space: either you pay for it every month, or you pay the hidden price of losing control over your personal files.

With Lima, you only pay once and it’s entirely yours.


Jason Culver says:

Thank you for the helpful review, how come you didn’t review the Windows version?

Yan Braslavskiy says:

I own ASUS RT-AC87U AC2400 WLAN-Router . I just connect usb hard drive to it and here you go. You can access all the files on it from within your home network . Using ASUS settings webpage you can make your hard drive to stream multimedia !Now you have access to your music videos and pictures as long as you are within your Wi-Fi from any device. But that is not it ! You can also access your home network (disabled by default) from outside (when you not at home) , using ASUS dynamic DNS service. Now I try hard to understand , why would anybody want Lima for half a price of the ASUS router ? Just get a Killer Router and you will have much , much more !


And comments me back

David Cano says:

how much is it? are they still selling the 1st generation lima? this is what it was supposed to do the one that was launched in kickstarter years ago. it is unbelievable that this product is marketed as “ultra” for the only fact that it is working properly.

Unknown Entity says:

The privacy factor is actually my main concern. I mailed Lima and asked whether the device software was free or would ever be open sourced, so that I could inspect it to remove threats, and they responded saying that they had no intention of releasing it. There is no firewall. There could essentially be backdoors for all the major cloud providers: Dropbox, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, … You really have no idea. The drive is encrypted, but what does that help if the software itself is designed to make exceptions. Furthermore, Lima is not a particularly well known company, nor is it respected since it’s already failed to provide a working product in the past. You know this better than anyone. It is not one I would trust my files with. In other words, it could just as well be a hoax and insecure crap.

This review is way too forgiving and an extreme to the one you released last year (which does not surprise me – you got the device for free), and Lima all but benefits from you.

I say no, build your box using a Raspberry Pi with ownCloud or something.

Tadziz says:

For backup you could use RAID box. I haven’t tested myself but say it works with these two boxes:
IcyBox IB-RD3662U3S 3.5″ SATA Hard Disk Drive 2 Bay RAID Enclosure
Icy Box IB-RD2253-U31 2x 2.5″ SATA I/II/III SSD/HDD External RAID system

Rok Petric says:

What if the hard drive connected to Lima device breaks? I guess you loose all the data.. It has no option for redundant drive that could serve as a backup for the data. Probably, this can be solved by buying another Lima device?!?! Not so good solution..

Jerry Yap says:

To access the document or file, must all the devices be left switched on after taking photo for example? Since it auto upload to Lima drive that means mobile data limit will be exceeded and for same reason overseas data roaming bills. Can auto upload of certain device be switched off and can we choose which file to upload to Lima drive? Temporary files backup before transferring to Lima is the deciding factor. How does it compares to Tonido Plug?

Book of hemu says:

nice video but i am still waiting for the cozmo videos….if u have one do a giveaway!!

Clifford Dayton says:

Can you hook it up to a hub and have more than one drive working?


Cool I love your videos

Mike M says:

So, no backup (which cloud gives you) and you need multiple Lima to have this. They do not answer the question about e.g. editing a spreadsheet on more than one device – how does it handle overlap writes? Especially as it caches writes…
Also the drive is encrypted- and they do not, as yet, offer a way to access the drive data if the Lima dies.

Jim Petit says:

Let’s say my friend in Arizona wants to see my vids that I took on vacation….can you “share” a “link” to those vids and send that invitation to my buddy, like I do with DropBox? How does Lima handle that?

Karel Castelein says:

How about the upsidedown photo’s on Android. Problem solved by now?

Stone Marble AcMa says:

Dues IT work with other files Than photos and videos? Like psd? Ai? Or any other type of file

EN-396572 Arts says:

This looks great very great

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