IDrive Review: Cloud Storage and Backup

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IDrive is one of many Cloud Storage and Backup services listed in Technology Advice’s database. Since we’ve learned so much about the product’s specs, we decided to provide you with a brief review as well as a first-hand look at the user interface.

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I'm Grateful says:

This is probably the worst online company I’ve ever been associated with.  After signing up, I got no instructions no help except for an offer to send me a hard drive so I could manually back up my data and return it to IDrive.  Supposedly, this would drop the setup/backup time to one week instead of the three weeks it was going to take.  I declined, bought an external hard drive and let Windows 10 handle the backup.  Windows 10 seems to be doing a very good job and I don’t worry about losing much if I get nailed or lose my hard drive. I turn my external hard drive on during backup only.After 11 months of not using IDrive, I get a notice that IDrive would be auto renewing my account and that I should verify my credit card information to assure that they encountered no problem with my renewal. I immediately emailed support that I would not be renewing and to cancel my account.  After three days, support notified me that I could not cancel my account until I provided them with credit card information and other confidential information. I responded that I would not provide them with the requested confidential information and they once again told me I could not cancel.  I notified my credit card company to reject any charges from the IDrive DBA company and advised IDrive support of what I had done.  They once again told me I could not cancel unless I provided the information they had requested.  I consulted my attorney who told me that I had provided sufficient information for them to close my account.  Three weeks later, IDrive notified me that they could not process my credit card and that I needed to correct the problem.  I once again advised them that the reason they could not process the credit card was because I told the credit card company to reject any charges from them.  They once again told me that I could not close my account until I provided the requested information OR (first time) logged into my account, clicked UPGRADE then clicked cancel.  I followed those instructions and assume that my account is closed, however, I also told IDrive that any futher attempts to charge my credit card would be considered attempted credit card fraud and I would file a criminal complaint against them.All this company wants is your money.  They don’t give a damn about service quality or support.  The only time support responded is when I wouldn’t fork over the money they wanted for renewal.  I NEVER accept auto renewal but it must me buried in the fine print at sign-up.  While it’s promoted as a customer convenience,  it’s really to benefit the marketer by reducing the number of lost renewals from people who either forget to renew or don’t want to renew.Be very cautious in choosing IDrive because once you sign up, they put all kind of barriers to keep you from leaving.  I had Carbonite before IDrive and while I found it a bit slow during restoration,  the support people were outstanding.

okala chigozie says:

how do I generate a direct file link with I drive please

person8203 says:

I’ve had idrive for a few months now and found it to be a constant annoyance. It’s painfully slow and even incremental backups take longer than they should. I used the free express service, where they send you a drive for the initial full backup, which helped. It still took ages to catch up since a week had passed by the time it had been uploaded to their servers. At 100% bandwidth use my fibre internet connection grinds to a halt for other devices yet the backup is still only trickling files to the server.

The software can also be a bit dumb at times. For instance, if I start a manual backup that is still running when it’s normally scheduled, another backup will start. So it’s running the same backup twice but at different points, that seems pretty dumb to me. You can’t have different backup sets so I can’t see why it doesn’t know what’s going on with it.

There support has been pretty good though, even though the problems I’m having can’t be solved.

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