IDrive Review 2016 | THE BEST CLOUD BACKUP?!

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IDrive Review:

11 Best Cloud Backup Services:

2016 Ranking:

#1 IDrive:

#2 Crashplan:

#3 Backblaze:

#4 Acronis True Image Cloud:

#5 Carbonite:

#6 SOS Online Backup:

#7 SugarSync:

#8 SpiderOak:

#9 Zoolz:

#10 Livedrive:

#11 OpenDrive:


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Schrader Web Solutions says:

I have a free Idrive account now….how do I upgrade to the 1TB offer for $14.97?

artgal7 says:

Awesome video, cloudwards. You don’t know how much I appreciate your cloud backup reviews. I’m one who learned the the importance of regular backups the hard way. I’ve been using iDrive for about 6 mos now (used the 14.97 special rate). I’ve been receiving email offers for other services to try at good intro rates, specifically pCloud and Zoolz. Understanding these comparisons doesn’t come easy for me but I’ve found your vids a great place to start. I’m working my way through all your cloud backup reviews and wondering if you’d be open to answering any questions afterward?

I have a fast Dell Workstation (Core i7 CPU, Q 740 @ 1.73 GHz and 16 GB Ram).
Upload speed = 5.73 Mbps. 1 TB is probably all the storage I’d need.
Cold storage doesn’t sound exciting for my situation but multiple device backups does.

I’d also like to say that I’m a senior, living on a fixed income (very old avatar 😉 and knowing that the rate for iDrive is going up drastically upon renewal, I’m trying to find the service that will give me the best bang for the buck.

Thank you again for your videos ..very well done!


Is the 75% discount for personal or business use?

Money Editor says:

I had a look on idrive but looks like it requires the user to drag the folder into a sync folder to use it. I cannot do that.I need a software that can real time sync multiple selected folders in my computer.

Pranav Raykar says:

Permanent Storage is what i need a true online external hard drive but i’ve one doubt cloudwards, lets say suppose your 1 year subscription ends & you do not renew the subscription, ofcourse i wont be able to sync data or add any data but will i be able to retrieve my data any time i want without a day limit grace period ? Or would it delete my data after the subscription ends just like crashplan & backblaze does ? If its the former its really “True Archiving” i would gladly buy it as its much much much better than Unlimited storage!

Mike Moore says:

Good video review and I’ve signed up for the service. I’ve reviewed several negative complaints here and elsewhere. Most of them are silly (but not all) or fall into the ignorant category because folks didn’t read the terms well enough…or expect a service to continue after the money dries up. For me…all I want is a backup storage service for personal/home use…and for spouse and 2 sons in our home. For the moment…I’ll continue to also use Dropbox (earned a 15GB level) when I want to share stuff with others.

Up to now, I’ve been relying on an external hard drive. However…time to rely on something with additional reliability.

Educ8Today says:

cloudwards hi,
I think I’ve a major issue, my Dropbox is set to my old employers email which I don’t have access to now, I left my drop box login using this old email , all of a sudden Dropbox is requesting password update for security sending the reset link to my old email I do t have access to no more.

I can still access my Dropbox files using both iPad and android phone apps, but you can’t update passwords using those apps. When I try log in to Dropbox using browser to update password, the only page I get is the security page that sends the password reset link to my old email, I can’t seem to update my password so is there any way I can migrate my entire Dropbox account to google or one drive accounts without having to export 1 file at a time as that’s the only way I can see it possible.

I also tried sharing Dropbox folders but even that seems to mean I will have to download 1 file at a time, if I can’t migrate the entire account, is there anyway to migrate a folder at a time as that beats having to copy across 1 file at a time considering I have thousands of photos and files, any help be much appreciated as I fear the only way to do it is 1 file at a time ???

Interesting Things says:

do you think they’ll give some discounts for christmas? I want to go for it, I like the multiple device feature

Massimo Riley Cavalieri d'Oro says:

Idrive has the worst customer care you can ever imagine. Not to mention the very slow backup and restore speed from Europe (2mbit for up or down tested on different machines in 3 different countries, Belgium, Italy and UK, on very fast computers and connections). Stay away from Idrive.

dcp tracks says:

Thanks a lot for these detail in-depth reviews. I order from your link!

Skipholiday says:

idrive has unlimited for $19.99

Thom Vandevenne says:

Really liked your video but I fail to find good reviews from customers. Like Massimo below they don`t spell “best ever” to me, especially as mac user.

Thom Hayes says:

….I’ve read many, MANY negative reviews about iDrive’s support just today!

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