High-End Performance On Low-End System? – Shadow Cloud Gaming Review

It seems that every day we see the introduction of a new cloud gaming service. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is pretty good in my opinion, but there’s a newer, and better contender in town. This is Shadow.

I informed the guys at Shadow about my planned review, and they kindly gave me a discount code for any of you wanting to try it out. Follow this link for -10 off the price 🙂


Thanks for watching 🙂


Alex Munoz says:

I get around 100mbps but the price of this service is too much for me, but I could only see what you linked. the main site appears to be down.

Brent Dm says:

If you’d like a 10$ discount on shadow, you’d greatly help me out! here is the code: BREKL3FG

AndyPlayz_Games says:

Use code ANDW3OPQ for 15 dollers off your first month!

87 Recordings says:

I won’t believe you because I am getting 2GBPS unlimited data for only 5999₹ (around 90$) per month

I’m from India and I use Jio

Jio will soon be available in the UK soon


Speed about
1.7 GBPS AVG download
1.2GBPS AVG upload

Mike O says:

For a 15 Mbps connection I would just build a pc. I’d say 50 mbps wired or 100 mbps 5ghz Wifi for a service like this.. to get your moneys worth


How much do the games cost?

null says:

PCs are expensive here + Internet is shit here.. Guess we have no options

Coconut Monkey says:

Get 15 dollars off with code. JESP97II apply as promo code. Thumbs up for people to see.
1st month should be around 10 dollars, enjoy.

Pedro Ribeiro says:

Is there a time limit on the service or i pay for 1 month and i can play the hours i want?

TheBeanieNation says:

Yeah, still gonna buy a pc

SMD Productions says:

I like your dog

J S says:

I got my PC from Xidax after saving up. You can even lease a PC if you are too broke with no credit check. What ever you do don’t support this cloud PC thing so quick. It takes the fun out of having the computer to care for. Having a Computer you love is like having a car you love. Where is the love in cloud anything? I can’t hold it, love it, and if I can’t watch porn on it then what’s the point? If you can watch porn on a cloud computer just know that a real person actually knows what you are watching…lmao I don’t care what they say. You are definitely being monitored. I mean you are using a remote high end computer that you are renting from a corporation. I have 400/400 and I would probably still have latency issues with it, the cloud is still just a baby. Guys just invest in hardware please. Papa Jenson needs your money. lol

Brittany Freeman says:

Use my referral link! >> $15 off your first month with no commitment, and with the xmas price special that’s only 9.95 >> https://shop.shadow.tech/usen/invite/MICRFENA

WellBeSerious12 says:

I hate it. You need fast internet and never own anything. People need to learn how to save money. Not just for their hobbies.

MelonHead1848 says:

Why have Netflix when you can just save the money and buy all the movies on DvD?

Mr. House says:

Why was you using WIFI? They said that WIFI is last resort, you must use cable connection, WIFI 2.4G is NOT SUPPORTED, only WiFi 5G is ok as last resort.
I wonder how someone that makes videos about computers, uses wifi at home, its idiotic, sorry.
Gigabyte Ethernet is the minimum, for low lags and best pings and removing any overhead on your side, pure Internet

Mas G says:

MASY47TR – Code for 10 Euros / Or 13 dollars off your first month. so your cost will be 5 dollars this month !!!

Rocco DeLeo says:

In my experience, the technology actually works very well, so long as you have a solid and consistent internet connection. I would really recommend 50Mbps or better for the best experience. Less then this will result in high latency and blurry images. Also, the GPU isn’t actually a GTX 1080, if you read very closely it says “equivalent” to a GTX 1080, it’s actually a “Quadro 5000” which really is NOT equivalent to the 1080 because its scores are consistently lower then the 1080 in every benchmark you can find. I think they should constantly have the best GPU that’s available once it comes out for the price they charge.

One really nice thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is that you can pick up where you left off on different devices. For example, you can start a game on your laptop on the train ride home from work and can finish on your desktop when you get home. You will have to change the resolution every time though which can become tedious. (In game and on the desktop).

Whether or not its worth it really is going to depend on you and your usage.

Additionally, there are promo codes that every user gets to share, which anyone can use to give and receive $15 off each month.

BRAOMALH is mine. Feel free to use it, it will help me out as well.

Hope this was helpful.

Rocco DeLeo says:

If your internet is 20Mbps or more I would recommend you try it for one month, using someone’s discount code it will cost you less then $15 for the month. Try BRAOMALH, this is mine and is better than using the codes they give you. At the moment they are offering $15 off per month. Your best bet is to use other peoples discount codes because it applies $30 off in total rather than the $15 they provide on the website. ($15 for the sharer and $15 for the user).

Eduardo Peguero says:

How did you connect a controller with the phone?

Adam Hooper says:

I have a BT Fibre 67Mb connection (used to be advertised as 76Mb when I bought it) that tops out at 90mbps download and 1mbps upload. I’m only one, very short, street away from my local telephone exchange building. Just ordered my subscription to Shadow and is being set up over the next few days. I’ll be using a gigabit ethernet cable to stream to my already reasonably decent gaming PC. Will let you guys know how it works out.

Death Strike Gaming says:

ZACXIQDE code for $15 off Shadow Tech Cloud gaming until the 27th of DEC
for a total cost of $9.50 for your first month, wait time is estimated
10 days for the East (NY) and West (CA) coast servers. Central (TX
Server) is 24hrs. EU is 10 days and German servers are 3-4 weeks for
wait times.

DanMan says:

Download is measured in mbps but when you download a game steam measures it in mBps. your 14mbps would be around 1.8 megabytes per second. im guessing ghats why you think you usually download is around 1.3 a second

Renan José says:

Does it work for CAD software ? i mean, can i run Autodesk Revit 2019 on this thing ? Thanks

DBNROP says:

How many games are there? Where can I see a list?

KawaiMonster0_0 says:

use my code to get 10 pounds off your first month with shadow here it is ALEWDTFT

OvExX says:

that good boy… instant thumbs up

deus ex says:

WTF? I average 65 Mbps in the New England boondocks…..Who is fucking you on your internet????

HarryGM says:

Had you used ethernet i think both connections would of been fine

Tim Matthews says:

Just for anyone who was interested in this, the Christmas deals combined with the discount in the description brings the price down to just £10 for the first month. Well worth it even just to try it out and test it with your connection for a month.

Mr.L.A. says:

3:16 of fuck it’s Wishbone

Something_to_appease_Google says:

I feel like a king among plebs. I have 1000mbs down and up (a little over 900 actually but then again that was in the terms and conditions so whatever) so this would be a great service to me if it weren’t for the fact that I already have a 1080 Ti which is superior to their cloud based 1080. The last time I tried game streaming was when I played Shadow of the Colossus years ago on my PS Vita over my mobile phone’s LTE network and it used 1gb of data within 20 minutes or so of playing so I’m sure this service would use a similar amount of data. The experience was also laggy. I might try this out but I have no use for it. I drive myself to work so there’s way I could use this on a commute and I have to be focused on the job so there’s only the possibility of using it except at lunch but I prefer to read news articles at lunch because mobile gaming sucks anyway so I wouldn’t use it for that and at home I have my 1080 Ti based rig ready to go so it’s ultimately useless. I would maybe find a use for it while rendering a video or doing some work with my system but then again I could also do that while I sleep or if I am awake I could go watch a movie or go out.

Miles Jazz says:

Anyone can explain the reason you can get banned for using it on multiplayer ?

jogn haso says:

What u say about using cloud gaming for multiplayer is not true what’s so ever. Do your research. Everyone watch Linus tech tips video. This guy is pretty dull. He def should do much more research before trying to inform you all.

TechAnimeGames says:

you one of the tech youtuber I get my advice form when it comes to my computer parts and tech. I will have to retry shadow I got a refund form them a week ago cause it keep crash my games. I only tried 3 out of 119 one was skyrim modded kinda heavy and the game keep CTD or crash to desktop. that could of been mod conflick or something tho. and as for fallout I tried both new vegas and 3 I think its the fallout games not the shadow them self saints row 2 was a problem a lil bit too for me.

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