FreeNAS 11.2 Beta1 Mini Review: iocage / iSCSI / plugins / and encrypted BackBlaze Cloud Backup Test

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The iocage bug with the jails

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Balla21 says:

Just have an old-school 12 core cpu laying around

Ayoola Boyejo says:

Always glad to get upload notification from you.

stuart says:

Hold on. 4:04 the search is case sensitive? Why!?

Shuler Burton says:

tjanks great info

jcnash02 says:

I installed this by accident, having selected the “stable” route for updates. Then, it was too late, so I went with it. iSCSI configuration is broken, badly. My iSCSI dropped when the update went in, so I went to check the settings and determined it won’t let me pick CHAP or Mutual chap. Also can’t put in a secret without adding a peer user and password as well. Major problem.

UnX Format says:

Thanks Tom!

HuMaNiTaRiAn1 says:

can you do that freenas encrypted backblaze backup on a personal backblaze account or do you need the business version?

Nate says:

I had the plugin issue on the standard version 11.1 u4. I could not find a solution and that is the main reason why I dropped freenas for server 2016 because of the whole point for me were jails. I could get them setup but dont dare restart or stop the jail or they are done for.

Bradley Stannard says:

Tom, you’re really annoying me now. You upload when i’m trying to sleep and have work at 4:45 and now i’m not going to sleep till late. guess i’ll have to watch it after work 🙂 still love the content bro

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