Even With Google Stadia, I Still Don’t Give A Crap About Cloud Gaming

Walmart is in talks with both developers and publishers about its own video game streaming service. Well that’s the rumor. This is getting crazy! How many Streaming services will we need? Let’s discuss.

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That1Mexican says:

IDC I’m ready for cloud gaming wont bother me at all

(EDIT) At least on cloud gamming you dont have to worry about getting banned and loosing all your games

Jarod Francis says:

we all know souljastreaming is the future of gaming

Hjalmar Johnson says:

well, seeing how their high end gaming pcs panned out, no wonder wal-mart decided to skip the hardware sales and go straight to the cloud. How many overpowered laptops you think they got running that thing? I figure at least two…

Agent RedShirt says:

If the Walmart game streaming is anything like the gaming PCs, nope.

VerumAdPotentia says:

…because Google isn’t already doing EVIL crap already, that I would trust them, ever, for anything?

Bryan Ramey says:

Will it stream NCAA Football 2014?

BAMF FatBoi says:

Wheres your regular office?

Akhil V Nair says:

Well i think amazon has more shot than walmart since they own Twich

DawnOfTheOzz says:

This is getting ridiculous now.

James R says:

Yeah im not raising my internet bill through the roof. No thanks

Roger Losh says:

Its for sure not ready I live on a hill I america 2 miles to far to get internet I go to my gfs house to download things and update my consoles I use my 4g to watch YouTube and such

RealmRabbit says:

Kind of the same with VR… Very interesting, but needs more development before it totally changes things…

Victor Savelle says:

Wait. So, with Stadia, can we actually, one day, run crysis on ultra?

Joey Hartman says:

I think you are going to end up eating your own words.. They know something they are not telling us.

TimBits 91 says:

I disagreed at 1st but after hearing how the tech isnt there yet I get where you coming from now. Yes this is the future but the technology isnt there yet for Cloud gaming as Internet isnt as strong around the world yet as a norm yet. This has to work for everyone for this to work ect. I get what your saying now Rich 🙂

Hipster Black Metal says:

it’s too early for cloud gaming. The input lag, disconnecting. Then again idk…. it’s like playing bad live multiplayer online and people still put up with it.

John Preston says:

Rich, the sound is crap.
Not happy.

Lucas Biermann says:

i think its going to take at least another 5 years for this kind of streaming to happen actually to many companies. maybe in the next 2 years we will have the first that will do it good enough but not great(good enough for most games that dont need pinpoint accuracy with the controls and the net but not an multiplayer FPS/Racing/Fighting game).

Elijah Lewis says:

I hope this never takes off I feel like we could never get this point without a whole bunch of problems

Jacob Pohlabel says:

I will never trust the gaming industry when it comes to online only games. That’s why I never bought either of the destiny games or fallout 76. All it takes is the flip of a switch and the servers will be shut down indefinitely, rendering you incapable of playing the game you paid for ever again. The Internet is a fantastic medium. But it is not yet capable of handling millions upon millions of users playing at the same time, and yet have no connection issues. It just isn’t reliable enough yet. And in my opinion, online only games just don’t feel anywhere as immersive or authentic to me as compared to offline single player games. Fallout 76 is proof of that.
So if the industry ever does begin to shift exclusively in that direction, I am gonna be sticking with my old consoles.

Marco Parada says:

Is the studio thing done?

SteveKnows says:

Rich big fan!:) should check out my switch labo vr video the innuendos are insane in their advert. Could be a story for you

Nixies Nixies says:

steam games good luck most of world has crap internet some places in north America don’t even have a cell tower less then hour out of large city its still 5-10 years out before most people can even use the system good luck to those who think this won’t crash and burn before it even starts.

Captain Valor says:

Physical media for life!

Fawkk YuTuu says:

Vudu Is a great free service for streaming movies even with the ads , so If they can make a gaming service like that with super cheap prices on AAA titles
or even free AAA titles streamed with ads or however they do It that could really take off.

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