Crashplan Review 2016 | THE BEST CLOUD BACKUP?!

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Crashplan Review:

11 Best Cloud Backup Services:

2016 Ranking:

#1 IDrive:

#2 Crashplan:

#3 Backblaze:

#4 Acronis True Image Cloud:

#5 Carbonite:

#6 SOS Online Backup:

#7 SugarSync:

#8 SpiderOak:

#9 Zoolz:

#10 Livedrive:

#11 OpenDrive:


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Kalina S says:

jk i like ur information ur give lul

Kirsi Laholer says:

any update for 2017? does the speed still suck?

Gerard Rousseau says:

Very to slow compare to other, i regret to sing in

X Gempler says:

Chatted with CrashPlan today regarding their “Pro Business” plan because the website lacked any specific information about its ability to backup networked drives (we have a Synology NAS that I want to backup).  They kept telling me crazy things like I can backup network drives “but it is unsupported” and that I can run CrashPlan backup directly from my Synology NAS “but it is unsupported.”  Why on earth would they say this?  Why would a company sell a product, a backup product, without insurances that it actually works.  And why would someone risk their business backups to something that is “unsupported.”  I passed and used iDrive instead, which happens to be cheaper too.

Greg Hicks says:

Amazing videos, thank you so much!

Gabriel Splendore says:

Hello, great channel! My English is not very good, I hope you understand: I have a windows server virtualized. Use CrashPlan and SugarSync. What happens to synchronized files if I go back to a snapshot a week ago?

Afri Tunez says:

bro! you look fit af.. you been making some serious gain from the last crashplan vs karbonite video from 2014! keep it going brahh! i salute you and your gainz

Ace the Dolphin Guy says:

so if crash plan keeps your files forever and they have unlimited storage. then why couldn’t you use it as cloud storage and as cloud backup

Gabriel Splendore says:

hi!! excelent video. Could you tell me wich special software to measure the trhoughput do you use? Thanks!!

Selkie says:

Hey Cloud wards, I saw some very horrible reviews for crash-plan :C is it really that bad?

altavistasfo says:

CrashPlan should be excluded! they have some of the worst backup speed and even more terrible restoration/download! for 1 file, 42gb, it is taking me 8.9 days to restore it, using fiber optic speed (60mbps) i chatted with their support. they had absolutely NO reasonable excuse except that this is a shared service!. before signing up with any service, make sure that the service has 30 days money back guarantee, and NOT the bullshit 5gb free account. with 5gb account, you wont be able to test the full upload/download speed of the backup service. i am currently examining iDrive, as they claim that they provide matching upload/download speed to the user’s internet.
finally, a piece of advise, make sure that when you search for a review service that uses “affiliate” programs. They will only favor those cloud backup service that pay them commissions!

Educ8Today says:

cloudwards hi,
I think I’ve a major issue, my Dropbox is set to my old employers email which I don’t have access to now, I left my drop box login using this old email , all of a sudden Dropbox is requesting password update for security sending the reset link to my old email I do t have access to no more.

I can still access my Dropbox files using both iPad and android phone apps, but you can’t update passwords using those apps. When I try log in to Dropbox using browser to update password, the only page I get is the security page that sends the password reset link to my old email, I can’t seem to update my password so is there any way I can migrate my entire Dropbox account to google or one drive accounts without having to export 1 file at a time as that’s the only way I can see it possible.

I also tried sharing Dropbox folders but even that seems to mean I will have to download 1 file at a time, if I can’t migrate the entire account, is there anyway to migrate a folder at a time as that beats having to copy across 1 file at a time considering I have thousands of photos and files, any help be much appreciated as I fear the only way to do it is 1 file at a time ???

kittydukakis says:

Does your review reflect that CrashPlan has discontinued it Restore to Door service?

Which cloud backup service is best in case of a hard drive catastrophic failure and need to restore +600GB of files+?

Which cloud backup service has the biggest file size limit?

Kalina S says:

u ugly fucking cunt hihi

Fernando Barros says:

Great Job! Helped a lot!

Blissful Creations Tm says:

Hi there,

I have multiple external hard drives (more than a dozen) which i would like to backup in a cloud system. Do i have to have them ALL plugged in at all times in order to have a back up or can i simply upload one HD after another and only plug them into my system if i’ve modified that HD?

Harold Brown says:

Is Crashplan using a bank of dialup modems? Man is that thing slow and the CPU fan on my iMac speeds up when it is running.

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