Cloud Storage Wars: Who Has the Most to Offer?

Which is the best cloud storage option available right now? Honestly, there is no one size fits all answer. That’s why I broke it down into six different categories.

Dropbox –
Copy –
Google Drive –
Microsoft OneDrive –
Apple iCloud –
SpiderOak –
tresorit –
SurDoc –
MEGA – or

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Lyude02 says:

i really liked the option that i can find multiple old version of the same files on dropbox,
does mega also have that option?

Roblox says:

cloudy… GREAT PUN!

Troy McDonald says:

Copy closed May 1, 2016.

King Reef says:

shit fuck the China use that to invade US

Pablo Clavo says:

you have nice eyes bro, #nohomo

Mark Pettigrew says:

I’m thinking that Tressorit would be the best way to go, if one was paranoid about hackers. But some of the other options mentioned here are worth considering, if one is a person living on a fixed income, as I am.

Sam Murray says:

Why does every video on youtube now need an over-the-top, distorted dubstep sample in the intro? Fk it off, honestly.

Tomas Gonzalez says:

cloud storage?
I don’t trust in this shit
everything has been hacked these days. I’m pretty sure the government will be checking every single cloud storage.

Sulfen says:

Needs Amazon cloud drive

learn share says: ended a few months ago. Refresh your description 😉

Weverton Lima says:

Hi! I Think that you coul update a info about Copy – it no longer are a cloud store site. I would like to thank you for a superb video – very acurate and interesting poin of view – especially for us – the audience. Thanks. 😉

charly evans says:

i was going to upload only music and movies so is it really necessary for me to keep it protected? i don’t mind them downloading from me the odd time . They cant delete any files can they?

lau S says:

Good overview of the various cloud drives and features. Since I have Office 365, OneDrive has become my primary cloud storage platform. One free terabyte is awesome. Plus Microsoft isn’t going to suddenly fold. (Springpad taught me a lesson). It was good to caution people about fly-by-night companies, because they might not be so nice about it. Springpad did an excellent job of notifying people to move their content and even suggested specific apps like Evernote. I wouldn’t expect that from every cloud storage platform.
For Amazon Prime members, you get unlimited photo cloud storage and I don’t think there is a size limit.
Asus is another useful platform I use, as well.
Again, very informative and useful video, Taylor!

Dirk Mc Kenzie says:

Thank you. Great Job

Alex says:

Register to Deego through the following link to start with 103GB free storage instead of regular 100GB.

Bassel Khaled says:

very good explanation.

John Marshall says:

How do you get your videos to record so clear? It’s, like, crazy HD.

FluffyF - Norsk Gaming! says:

Hey MOD!
Love the video quality, so I must ask.. what camera do you use?

zah fares says:

tnx man, very informatif

Photohack Lovers says:

I shared your video on my website thanks so much. I purchased amazon unlimited storage as im a graphic designer and i wanted to buy it before they changed there mind and upped the price i wanted to grandfather in on that.

Harsha Reddy says:

Most to offer – OneDrive unlimited storage with Office 365. No 1TB or 10TB .. just unlimited

Dan says:

Siacoin is very cheap as well, decentralized, encrypted, redundant and cheap

Youtube User 123 says:

What you think about Amazon Drive?

Rafael Arandas says:

Is Amazon’s worth it?

Some BoringPerson says:

I have amazing cloud guys with 3tb.Its called hardisk.

I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers says:

My quantum computer busted the code in 1 picosecond. All your data are belong to me and the Chinese government. Don’t be stupid and waste your time and money on providers that will eventually go bankrupt, or screw you and change their terms. Just save your goddamn data to an SSD and put it in a fire proof safe.

ICE Starboy says:

Can you give the name of any of the “unsecure” Chinese options?

Inkognito Ink says:

I dont give a fuck about their prices, I can look it up myself. What about fucking upload/download speed???

Diane S says:

Very helpful video. Which one do you use and what is your process fro saving your files?

scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% says:

old as video. copy is dead and i lost all my files. luckily I was able to back them up.

Ka Cabso says:

I have dropbox. I want to know how can I download my pics and video’s from Dropbox to SD card? That’s something I don’t see on the menu.

Julien Garcia says:

are there any apps/services that could allow apps not from playstore? Cloud storage for Showbox, moviebox etc..

Tyler M says:

Didn’t KimDotCom just say Mega was unsafe/compromised and said you should not use it????

TheHackedMac says:

Great video dude!

PhantomMC Gaming says:

Tip for COllege Students: If you have a College Email you can get Microsoft Office 2016 for free for ever and you get 1TB of One Drive Storage free with your Email.

MrMaLeK says:

is mega safe?

Manuel Targa says:

SurDoc services have been discontinued on May 31st, 2016 at 23:59 PST and Copy was discontinued on May 1, 2016.

ignux says:

surdoc will be down soon

TrendZ SetteR says:

this is good ..offer ..

a a says:

I need a recommendation, here is the scenario: We have several company MacBook’s laptops that were issued with the users being its own administrators, we would like to backup all files that are in each laptop to the cloud. 

Switch the users to have user account is not an option at the current moment, this will most likely happen a bit down the road.

What is a good enterprise cloud based service where we are able to lock out the user from changing what is being uploaded to the cloud once us as the administrator set the parameters. As I understand it, most software cloud based software the user is able to pause the software from uploading files, however from the administrator console; we should be able to see which computers hasn’t been updated and send a command the upload from the admin console to those computers to start uploading.

We would like to capture any attach hardware that connects with the computer, such at a USB jump drive or hard drive, could this be possible?

We would like to also keep files for at least 6 months before it drops, could this be possible?

We would like to see a console display of the files being uploaded to the cloud and see estimated time of completion, could this be possible?

We would also like to see the backup files by computers could this be possible?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

sagar hasan says:

hi ☺
degoo backup is it secure ???

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