Cloud Storage Reviews: SkyDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive

A review of cloud storage, Skydrive, Dropbox and GoogleDrive. What do you get? How much do they east cost? Which one is right for you?

This segment is from Season 11, Episode 8. Watch GetConnected on BNN on Friday’s at 6pm PST.

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mike vermeer says:

i vote for google drive

João Almeida says:

I can provide you the best storage service. Not only you receive 20GB for FREE!, but you can also share large files with divided storage, for example if you share a 20GB file with 4 people, each account will storage only 5GB. 🙂 
Register now!, for FREE:

Tanaka Okada says:

I have switched from dropbox to Copy is great. You will get extra 5GB (total 15+5 = 20 GB) free space using any referral link. You will only get 15 GB if you go directory to the site and sign. Please use my link to sign up for Copy, you will get extra 5GB free space and I will get 5 GB. Thanks in advance!

BlackhawkX02 says:

All of this is useless for me, i easily have more than 20,000 images

Nirav Faldu says:

I almost tried everything including kim dotcoms mega. has and edge over others in speed and storage space they provide.
They provide 20 GB for starters for free and 5 GB each you is a link if you want to sign up
It will make me smile and give you 5 Gb as too.

Phil W says:

Google Drive now have 15GB free.

Chay Martis says:

Skydrive is the oldest cloud storage site

Whiteboard7 says:

Good video!

Buffy183 says:

wow thanks for the infor no more paying for a service for two yrs cloud is here…..

Slack Laporte says:

I tried all of them and my final choice was: Copy! 20GB free if you follow this refferal link:

Cheznazi Samji says:

OH MY GOD it’s YOU from ChalkFarm! Ancient TV program (okay, not that ancient) but I used to really enjoy you and Dave on the show (or are you Dave? I can’t remember). Wow… Almost didn’t recognize you with salt ‘n pepper hair. But still your handsome self.

Jacob King says:

I use DriveHQ and I’m pretty happy. The features are endless and it’s very simple and easy to use. I used to be a Dropbox user, and that was just a waste of my money. Not only that, but Dropbox isn’t a drop box, it’s file synch. That means that if you want to share with someone, you take up storage space in BOTH accounts. Ridiculous, but a brilliant way to make money off of you. I can’t say much for Skydrive or Google Drive, but in my experience using Dropbox, I would say I CANNOT recommend it.

Joshua Mendes-Yesufu says:

My startup combines Skydrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, AND into one simple app

Go to Google Play or the chrome web store and download “DocDock” it’s free 🙂

Achwaq Khalid says:

I’m really too lazy to search for it all over the net, but does anyone know if anyone of those services allows FTP access: SkyDrive & Dropbox? because i know GoogleDrive doesn’t have that feature, it will be really useful to have that feature so that if someone who doesn’t have the app for that purpose can simply deposit the file via file transfer protocol into your online folder and you can access it later.

Slap Stick says:

So, its basically free to store the stuff…but how much to retrieve it?

Muhammad Ali says: absolutely blows away all the others by offering 50 GB of Free space.

akhil dev says:

list of best cloud storage services


Maciej Gierasimiuk says:

good review

DatNiqqa says:

Skydrive is the best.

BlasterTechBlade91 says:

I use dropbox, google drive, skydrive, and box because I got my new phone 3 months ago it gave me 50gb of free storage forever because my phone was sony Xperia s from phones 4 u

TheCuminator says:

No thanks Dropbox, Google Drive, & Skydrive. Copy is the best cloudstorage. They be makin it rain gigabytes. You get a free 15GB from the start plus 5GB per referral with no cap (x10 more than Dropbox). If you use this link to signup you get a 5GB bonus (20GB)…

John Bang says:

You should always have your data securely backed up on a website that offers encryption. Dropbox is ok but lacks encryption methods, Mega is good but doesn’t allow for referrals, and Copy gives 15gb free and for each refferal, you get 5gb extra – plus it has the best encryption methods as it’s backed by Barracuda.

Sign up with my code and we both get 5gb extra. That’s right – you start with 20gb free storage!

nico stepanov says:

Copy is just like dropbox, but better :))
You get 15gb free storage usable on pc,mac,android,ios or in any browser. If you join with one of the links below you get additional 5gb.
So your total free space will be 20gb! Delete spaces in the given links 😉 / copyfree / copy5gb / fastcopy / morecopy / 5gb

Nicholas Heintzelman says:

You can share files via email from your SkyDrive too!

tau echo says:

I like DropBox and all, but their storage is too small. I am now using Backupthat and it is much better. I get unlimited storage for free, and it has a lot of great features to organize all of your emails and such.

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