Cloud Gaming: the future of low end? (LiquidSky, Parsec gaming, Vortex)

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Geforce now sparked the debate about cloud gaming an its role in the future of gaming. Will this be the future for anyone with an IntelHD laptop? Maybe not.

Since Geforce Now has limited access I decided to look into some alternatives to measure the current landscape: LiquidSky, Parsec and Vortex.


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Hate Kid says:

really need liqiud sky to play fortnite ? xDDD

Roast Junior says:

Parsec is awesome


is any of the softwares free to use

D D18 says:

Ping ms– 73
Download Mbps– 2.06
Upload Mbps– 3.52
lol my internet connection is not even near minimum req

Sam Newman says:

On vortex you just have to change the quality settings and it’s amazing!!!!

Tristan Jones says:

ive used parsec for months to stream my home pc to anywhere on the world and I love it

Badboy DCX says:

You need Super good ass internet

Kevin says:

Geforce now works great

The Thugger says:

Lol you actually downloaded ram

Quick Hamburger says:

Dude great content you will be at 1 million soon and you have saved my childhood because I have a low end laptop to game on and that’s it! So thank you for saving me from 2 FPS. Keep up the great work!

Kuri0 : Gaming & More says:

I think the cost of having it stream uncompressed 1080p would cost alot in internet bills that it might be worth to build a gaming PC

Freedom Of Speech says:

everyone should be given Google fiber, then it’s possible

Sam Newman says:

Missed opportunity there!!!

Siev says:

Great video, But I think you should have tried single player games like Witcher 3 on them as well, since high latency influences the experience way more in a competitive game than it does in a single player game.

Azfar Xox says:

Thanks for the explanation

MacMasterRace says:

U can make ur own cloud gaming thingy using remotr

Nathaniel Alexander says:

I had vortex and waited for hours to play a few matches of fortnite

Mustache Cashdash says:

the input lag is so shitty

WiiFiteClub says:

Can you install anything you want on these Parsec computers?

Tricus says:

I might as well just download some ram.

Ali-W7 Ananza says:

I was lucky to get access to the geforce now beta :3

Matheus Lassale says:

Warning dont use vortex

AJ Puzon says:

Heck! Why would someone have a very fast internet without literally a device that could handle it? For example a PC.

Serj Star says:

dude i get like 1mbs of my upload speed for internet theres no way i could ever run a channel unless i get some kind of a premium compcast internet .

PSKPRO says:
I live in Warsaw, Poland.
Is this good enough?

ANDY_ pLaYz1919 says:

do any of these work on chromebooks?

julius see says:

whats better, parsec and this servers or azure +parsec?

Paul Klopotek says:

blade shadow is the best

ccjh0806 says:

Should check out Shadow by Blade man. You’re missing out. How can you leave out the best of the bunch?

Lord Tachanka says:

I hope it will not the future ?

Tricus says:

Quick question 🙂
Do you have a high-end computer?

jacoby games says:

Can I use someone’s account so I can try it

SuperGamer says:

Do you need to install the game again everytime you rent a pc on parasec?
If not i just found a way to actually play new games.

PabloC4 says:

Too bad Brazil has one if not the worst internets.

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