Cloud Gaming PC Service?? | Review

Got an old PC that can’t play games well – but can’t afford a new system? think their Cloud Gaming PC service could be for you! Let’s take a look at this…
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xFireStyle says:

Make it free

Pancakes 1337 says:

I’m a competitive CS:GO player with over 8k hours (Global Elite) and I was really worried about latency issues, however after testing this out I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about, so long you have a good internet connection yourself (at least 15mb).

Abubakar Javed says:

Is it worth it?

Scott Pearson says:

I’ve gone from having a gaming PC which broke, to buying a mac (for work purposes) but I miss having a gaming rig. So this is perfect for me. I’ve just subscribed to their service now, and it’s currently getting set up (I used the code BUNNYLOVE) for a discount. So it’s worth paying a bit less and trying it before to see if it’s right for you.

OzzyBrooks says:

Im thinking of getting it, i was going to build my own pc but id have a budget of £1000, should i go with shadow?

Kain Weir says:

Are there any limits? Like on Liquidsky they have a stupid credit system, is this unlimited

Jesse Jr says:

I got a old system but believe building a new one is more for me. Sounds like a good idea for people who want to start gaming and arent sure on how to go about it or have the money to spend at the start.

hieu phan says:

im using shadow right now, so far im very disappointed with it. I couldn’t play any games from medium to max setting… they told me to use a wired connection.. so I wonder how shadow would run on ipads

mulewax says:

I want to see how fighting games online with 50mb dl connection handles. I also want to see how well Shadow handles PUBG online on max setting on at least 1080p res.

Trusteft says:

I rather probe myself with the Xbox Duke.

LASH says:

This would probably work with a chrome book and decent WiFi. If you already have better than that then why are you even watching?

5tarman 7 says:

Guess it’s time to throw out my ZX Spectrum! No seriously I would rather build a decent PC which I’m gonna do this year. Nice idea though if you’re not up for that option. Thanks again for another useful video. Take care of yourself.

CodeYo says:

How well would this work with a Chromebook?

Ricegum Krispy says:

I had shadow for a months didnt like it. I had fibre broadband a download of 75Mbps upload of 11Mbps really poor performance by the server and
loads of lag issues.

just a wolf says:

I am pleasantly surprised to see that it is the only channel that speaks of shadow in a 100% objective way. all the other videos are trying to sell shadow with lies and promises. you have all my respect. (a old french shadow user)

truelymadmatt says:

This is such an intriguing idea. I feel like the most useful use for this in my opinion is the opportunity to go round friends houses and you can game with them as you dont have to bring a massive gaming pc round theirs or gaming laptop.

Leo Mar says:

how long will it take to use the product? I already subscribe.

purple Shadow says:

It definitely seems like the service has improved from all the content I’ve seen so far (specifically from launch in may to now, august), although it’s not great at video editing and all that, extremely few people render/edit videos at 4K, let alone even edit videos to begin with, so It’s definitely something to look out for.

Minj OW says:

I kinda want to get it but idk how bad the input lag is going to be

Kendyl Cheek says:

Would it work for planet coaster or Sims 4? I have an HP x360 computer that can’t handle Sims 4 or planet coaster. It runs Pentium

Dillon Cheng says:

can you twitch stream on shadow????????

BowieWolf - Minecraft says:

I do a lot of gaming. I have a beast of a pc and a solid fiber connection(200 down 40 up) My pc is pretty old but still runs pubg at 60 FPS. However would this be good for taking the strain off my PC while I save for a new one?

Deon Chapman says:

I’ve just subsrcibed to test this out. I want to see if it picks up my X52 Pro and other devices like my xbox controller.. I’ll let you know once I have my account fully setup (Up to 5 days)…

WallysOG.Shadow says:

Thanks for the video! We are working on a lot of things that you talked about (USB over IP, latency, stuttering, etc.) and they are coming along really nicely. Try again in about a month or so 😉

cocacolayeah says:

so i pay less for a full pc with a gigabit connection than i pay for my connection at home? lol, this is next level s…!:-)

callumsda bows says:

I use shadow and its really good and well worth the money

Lucid χο says:

Wait so you cant use 144hz? If not then i dont think this is for me as much as i would love it

Anthony Utegg says:

I just really don’t see a point in it bc if you’re gonna pay this monthly for me being in the us it’s like 37$ a month if you use this for 3 years or so you would’ve already spent the money it costed to just buy yourself a gaming laptop or build yourself a computer so you might as well just stick it out and save your money so you can get your own set up rather than paying a monthly contract

Fuelium says:

You’ve explained it a little like it sucks. Its not a virtual machine its a physical computer. You’ve got it wrong, the items aren’t equivilent its the same thing they have a partner ship with nvidia so they have accual gtx 1080s. Also the servers probaly aren’t near you so thats why your having more problems and they are planning on giving people upgrades if you pay extra.



TheGreatAviator 67 says:

Can you play flight sim like Prepared3D

CB OPz says:

if you are looking to play fortnite on this then think again because epic games don’t allow cloud pc

Wilco Charlie says:

Yer I having big issues with this. I’m in the UK. Bugging out a lot and my Steam Downloads only 20-30MB/s Very poor. Have spoken to support and they will look into it. My connection 76 down and 20 up. Solid connection.

Nonresponder01 says:

Would I be able to use it for programs like Autodesk inventor?

James Turner says:

Does now support local devices such as hard drives and controllers, and has pass through mic support. So good and low latency I’ve given up my plan to build a new gaming pc and will now just use this on my laptop.

frostybe3r says:

2ghz lol

Jamie Measures says:

Good, objective video dude – kudos! I have a smelly old ‘never was for gaming’ laptop and as a lifetime console gamer (don’t hit me guys) I’m juuuuuust starting to think about putting a toe in the more powerful and…deliciously tinkery PC world. So for my use-case this might be a perfect way to try out PC gaming for a bit without jumping in and buying a £7,000 POWER rig and realising that I only actually needed 4% of its grunt because I spent all of my time addicted to an Atari 2600 emulator 😛

darwin diaz says:

Can we use It to render in programs like Lumion, Rhino-Vray ?

niklassmm says:

This seems awesome – just imagine when the monthly subscription fee drops in the future duo to more adoptions – I like it

Just Jonzee says:

I have had shadow for a few months and love it . I’ve played many online games like pubg to rainbow six siege without any problems

Rob Ash says:

I’ve been running it over the weekend with GPD Win 2 tethered via T-Mobile. I have to say it runs fantastically. Portable Max Setting Fallout 4 is pretty cool. Currently running through The Evil Within and it’s been great.

Nicholas Schultz says:

I want to use this for when I have 2 hours between meetings and game in my office. I want to use this system for more single player games like you said.

Nicolas Orozco says:

Can’t wait to use this soo tired of poor FPS!

InvisibleSphere says:

Travel a lot for work and can’t lug a heavy PC or gaming laptop with me. Hoping this works on my light weight HP XPS360 laptop!!!

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