Carbonite Review 2016 – Is It The Right Cloud Backup For You?

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Carbonite is a cloud backup service who offers unlimited backup storage for your computer files. This helps you protect against data loss of any type caused by viruses, theft, ransomware of other unfortunate accidents.

In this Carbonite 2016 Review, I’ll tell you my take on this provider and its features.


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Kent VanderVelden says:

If I read the limitations correctly, it looks like the personal versions of Carbonite allows backup of one external drive, and does not allow backup of a NAS. To backup a NAS requires the Office version which is expensive and does not seem to have unlimited storage.

Jerry Zimerle says:

Love Carbonite Phone Support gone:: try yourself before you buy?? Check this:
Try to make a phone call when you need you data back restored?. Sorry This is what they offer?

Fahad AlRabiah says:


I am looking for 1 TB Store space that offers multi device interface, ( check my content in android, laptop ( Mac ) or office desktop), more over, I don’t like the idea of putting my stuff in one file so I can upload them ( Like Google drive or Drop box ) as I have 250GB laptop hard drive, but I have a lot of data in my external hard drive, SO the big question is,

*Which services will allow my to upload my 900GB data, without having me to but them in my laptop, ( hard drive to cloud directly) and in the same time *allow me to browse through them on my mobile, more over *upload my mobile photos as soon as I shoot them, and *upload any changes on my external hard drive if I do add or edit any file (when connected)?

Keeping in mind that I want secure services and a services which accept all type of files extensions as i have may engineering modelling I am currently doing.

a lot to ask from a cloud service but for the money I have to pay I would expect that.


Kenneth Bedrosian says:

Warning – Carbonite on a Mac! Buyer Beware!
I used Carbonite for years on a PC. No problems.

In Dec 2014, I switched to a Mac.

Carbonite appeared to be working.
I was getting routine emails assuring me my account was in order.
After using Carbonite on my Mac for 15 months, I happened to discover that there were random gaps in my Carbonite coverage. These gaps were hard to detect. You have to search the backup set for specific files that are missing.

I worked with the technical group. Reinstalled the software many times. Changed my backup selections. Etc. Progress, if made at all, was too slow.

From my own research, I have found that the Carbonite program is not optimized for Macs.

I am very disappointed – Especially when I think that my computer has probably not been protected for over a year. If there were are proactive steps Mac Users need to take to check the accuracy of their backups, this has never been communicated.

Carbonite has a 30 day window on refunds. Although I was past this typical 30 day window from my renewal date last November, I requested a refund. They flatly refused.

jhencken says:

Recommend two stylistic items: (1) less hand motion, it’s distracting. (2) less changes of camera angle to no particular purpose; it’s distracting. Love the content! 🙂

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