Best Free Cloud Storage Services 2018-2019

Get free file storage on these cloud storage services. Links & downloads in description 🔻🔻🔻
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A list of the best free cloud storage services. Top 5 free file hosting services.


Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Services (2018)


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ALi و NiDAL says:

MediaFire is blocked in some educational buildings such as universities, schools etc. And OneDrive sucks when you using it to access it from several PCs, most of the times some files gets updated and some files will get missing.

Carlos Tabachnik Z. says:

Hello my friend … I think you missed a very good option …Its called “Degoo” … You get 100 GB free space for file storage …You can download the client to your PC and drop to the degoo client folder any files you want to back up to the cloud. You can use the client in up to 3 computers with your same account …. And even more … if you invite your friends to sign up a new account, you get a bonus free space of 500GB … That is amazing … You should try it.

IconKumiho says:

mega doesnt have a key. they deleted you files. mediafire used to be free 50gb.

Salman Abedin says:

I don’t know much about security but regarding everything else,
PCLOUD trumps all of these.

Ben Nottelling says:

There is a way to get I think 15 tb free
Can’t remember how though :p

Stella Toweett says:

degoo offers 100gb free

Han Zykova says:

Guys try
It’s really a great service, super safe and reliable and I find it amazing for both sharing and sending data. Also, it’s amazing value for what you get. Try it out!

ASHSRV says:

So degoo offer 100 GB free. Obviously today people are looking for 1TB and upwards for free. I want to know is it possible to upload a lot of HD movies and stream them through the storage software? Isn’t that what most will be doing anyway. Sure everyone would upload lots of Photos and Music too but Movies and TV shows is where the most data comes from.

Libasse Diop says:

Hi friend!
Yesterday I was looking at a cloud hosting service for mobile app developers called “Cloudinary” and I was wondering if you could help me solve a networking problem.

Let’s say I have a browser tab displaying 2 thumbnails. The uncompressed filesize of the two images is total 1MB.
Assuming that website users cannot interact, share or open the images. All they can do is to reload the browser tab or page.
How many people or session reloads does it take to reach a bandwidth usage amount of 15GB?

Thanks to who can help me solve it.

See you on next video bro!

Janet Morrissette says:

yes I’m trying to get in touch with just cloud I need a number to call

clark smith says:

can you review Plex?

Nikehead4 says:

Degoo is worthless!!!

twinqlez says:

thanks for the clear and accurate video, you just did me a huge favor thanks budddy

Meet Bhamani says:

You forgot about SMAC Cloud and 10GB free space for free.

Haroon Aaron says:

thanks man.

A Brit & Whovian says:

great. I was thinking of sticking to my 1TB onedrive space with office 365 when it expires in June. I don’t think it will go any time soon since it is Microsoft. so far it has been great for me. I have used up about 300GB of that space and 15GB is not enough. I love having my phone pictures uploaded to cloud when I take them as back-up if I lose them.

TigrrrTamer says:

Another video mentioned that OneDrive terms of service allow microsoft to look at ALL of your data.

Sulfen says:

What about Amazon cloud drive?

Ray says:

Thank you for the review.
Guys where I can find the mediafire desktop app for win 10.


I need 100GB

Isaiah Sanders says:

i just got a beta login for and as i put my data in cloud it corrects the meta data pretty lit

Carlo Dimaandal says:

Pcloud, Degoo, Sync and Hubic

Vicente Dominguez says:

Sorry but you are missinformed. Mega gives 50 GB unlimited time account no more. You get a 35 GB bonus. After 30 days it expired, resulting on a 15 GB account …. 🙁

Sushant Sawant says:

google photos has unlimited cloud storage but for only photos and videos

KrispyTurd says:

how forgot pcloud

Ryan Luke Thomas says:

Cool ! Remember Music .

Isaiah Sanders says:

looking do you guys have any suggestions where i can store my audio in the cloud

Styler00Dollar says:

I think there are better free ones (if you include chinese and are looking for actually free ones. Well, it´s just my opinion). Baidu has 2048GB free space after installing their app on a smartphone and one login (5GB without it, it´s like a “promotion action” of their stuff and you get 2TB for that. And the only part where I failed to make an account was actually that they demand a phone number. It will be used as a login, or if you want something else as a login, you can use QQ for example to login. But they also want a number.). For traffic I can say, It really depends, but mostly my personal internet connection is too slow. 1.4mb/s+ for the most time. Nice features, you can add torrent files to your cloud, files that you copied from another baidu cloud and will be deleted will remain on your cloud. Nice and clean interface. Just use Google translate and you can survive with everything. But there is also a translated version of their destop programm.
Another thing I want to say, 360 Yunpan is offering 36TB space and is also in china. I personally never tested it, but I heard good reviews. That´s really nice for someone like me, who has always full drives. Like 4 already. Nearly every cloud is sooo small, I hoped to see more than I actually know currently.
If everyone is concerned about privacy, make a big fat password of a archived file and name it that only you can recognize it. Problem solved for myself like that, because, try to give it to another person. He won´t be able to figure out what it is.
Two things I wanted to ask, does MEGA support private files? Maybe a dumb question, I know. And I heard that it wasn´t possible for a period of time to change the password. Is that true? Well, I considered to make an account, but never made it actually.
Hope it helped someone. And I noticed that my reply got marked as spam… I deleted that one link. I will check later if it is still spam, I took some time to write this.

Edit: 1tb with baidu. Not sure how I got only 1 and not 2 but still much more than this video shows. And mega doesn´t have password recovery due it´s encryption technology. So basically, you lost/share your password, you lost your files.

Pau Kim says:

To correct that onedrive gives you 100GB for free. After linking with your phone to backup your files. In the other hand Google drive is 15GB free period. If you want more space you gotta pay mothly. The samething as onedrive. In my openion onedrive is great for storing your heavy files and google drive is great for storing your email files since their free GB is too low for just the free free to use.

kg beats says:

Can I add a password to my files on MediaFire and share the link to my clients so they can access just that one file with the password?

Premchand Kumar says:

Is there is any offline cloud storage

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