Best Cloud Storage 2017!! 500 GB for Life!!

In this video, I cover the basic features of pCloud, a great online service to store your files online.

You can get 500 GB of space with pCloud for $59 for a limited time here:

Once you visit the above link, simply search for “pCloud.” If you use the above link, you will also get $10 FREE!!

If you prefer to try pCloud before you buy it, use this link to get the premium service free and a full 500GB for 1 month!


pCloud says:

Thanks for the great review 🙂

Tom Kuhlmann says:

Good job on the review. I purchased the deal from AppSumo today and this is a great review. I saw that some people were looking for the old deal. I think you can find something on other sites, I got mine at AppSumo. Not sure how long it will be active, though.

No Filter says:

Im trying out pcCloud right now, it loads so slow, I need something for photos

Sergey Velet says:

I can’t find that offer anymore on that site! Is it still available?

Point Man says:

@HaxorTech or anyone – Does pCloud backup data folders located in containers of the library on a Mac. I’m currently evaluating pCloud and I can’t seem to find a way to backup data in the containers folder. Thanks

Roberto Perez says:

Expired… 🙁

Petros Ant says:

Are there any problems with resuming the upload of a large file over several days (i have a very slow upload speed)? And regarding sync folders, what happens if i accidentally delete a file on my computer (will it retain the file online? delete it after some time? delete it immediately?)?

Big Dd says:

Couldn’t find it when I went looking

Bibel mannen says:

I coming with unlimited cloud hosting services solutions contact me at http://www.facebook.imoddi, coming at & soon & at own domain to at

HaxorTech says:

Hey Guys, PCloud is 50% off for Christmas! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Emmanuel Ojelade says:

Is it for life?

Otto Oome says:

Transip offers 1000GB for free in Belgium and the Netherlands watch my video on my channel.

HaxorTech says:

Hey Guys, pCloud services are 50% off today for black Friday!

cameraman655 says:

pCloud rocks! My only caveat is the inability to access my files from several apps, Photoshop Express is on that come to mind, unlike Dropbox and Google Drive in which one can seemingly access files from almost any app. I did notice that Affinity’s Photo app (iOS) does allow the user to add other cloud services, including pCloud, unfortunately, many, the aforementioned Photoshop Express does not. If pCloud can resolve this one minor issue, I will dump Dropbox in a heartbeat

Andrew Fisher says:

Don’t bother…this pCloud is now over saturated in the last 6 months due to a sharp increase in the number of people now subscribed. Therefore the upload and download speeds are getting worse by the day. So much for their YouTube video where they show 1GB being uploaded in 1 minute, you’d be lucky these days if it took less than 1 hour!
They only have ONE data centre in Dallas, Texas so if that goes down whom knows. Worse thing is that there must one pipe into the DC and uploads and downloads become slower by the day. Only thing their support will do is ask you to run

Mark Saenz says:

Is there ever any concern that this company will go away?

kartik sharma says:

It’s available now on appsumo for $49 right now, exactly the same deal!
Gonna be ending today so I had to rush.
I just bought mine from here

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