Amazon Cloud Player and Drive Review

15GB free storage by buying an album:

I take a look at Amazon’s new Cloud Player and Cloud Drive.



Recently Amazon announced a brand new cloud service for storing files of all types as well as a dedicated online music player. Amazon Cloud Drive is similar to Dropbox as it gives you 5GB of storage for any type of file online that can be accessed by a desktop web browser and can be expanded up to 1TB of cloud storage.

Amazon Cloud Player works from your Cloud Drive, allowing you to play your music uploaded from iTunes, Windows Media Player or from your computer on any desktop web browser or on an Android phone with the Amazon MP3 app. The 5GB of storage shared with Cloud Drive can be expanded to 20GB with the purchase of an MP3 album on Amazon. You can upload MP3 and AAC audio files and play them from anywhere with full bitrate making this a great tool for both storing and listening to your music from anywhere.


urban1994 says:

its expencive as fuck >.<

David Willis says:

@officialalma I love people who take the time to add closed captions. I’m hearing impaired; so a toast to you sir or madame!!!!

thehostler0 says:

i like dropbox more, cuz have a folder where u just drop anything in.

Austin Evans says:

@bluebychoice You can just download your files and listen to the local copies.

Austin Evans says:

@wasimbadboi Try holding home + power for 30 seconds. If that doesn’t work run TinyUmbrella and have it kick your device out.

Jordin says:

@Rahkshi767 where

Bluebychoice says:

Sounds OK for now, but what happens as wireless providers and ISPs start charging more for data usage or enacting data caps?

Austin Evans says:

@putzamoale99 I’m trying to get the right balance between sounding professional and casual at the same time. It’s hard lol.

Adam Brittan says:

Thumbs up for skrillex!!

Alma Farias says:

first time the captions on a youtube video matched exactly the persons words lol nice vid

GamerCorp says:



Im bout to try it on my android tonight

mdog333333 says:

I would be nervous about my privacy. I mean pictures,documents, videos all my personal stuff.

Austin Evans says:

@nailmaster101 Works just fine for me.

Alma Farias says:

@duncan33303 oh lol i feel stupid now haha but good review though very informative

Austin Evans says:

@officialalma No problem, I only wish automatic captions were decent so I don’t have to do it myself haha. Thanks.

Wasim .Hanif says:

my iphone stuck on boot loop help me duncan

Austin Evans says:

@officialalma That’s because I manually uploaded them.

Matt Karanouh says:


Hannah Oram says:

Awsome can you get it for windows?

jannes351 says:

@wasimbadboi connect it to your pc or mac

Jordin says:

@duncan33303 where is d3live, dont tell me you lost the files

Austin Evans says:

@Cake101x Yeah it’s for anything with a web browser basically.

Austin Evans says:

@Johnb88x Not in the slightest. As long as it’s MP3 or AAC you’re golden.

Austin Evans says:

@jordinjm I had major issues last week, I was able to record half the show but I lost the audio for the other half. I’ll have it all sorted this week.

spinataler says:

@duncan33303 stay gold ponyboy stay gold lol

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