Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited is NO MORE | I’m losing 40TB of Data

Amazon has announced that they are no longer offering their “Unlimited” storage tiers for Amazon Cloud Drive. Unlimited will end on everyone’s accounts following the end of current plan. Instead of $60 per year for Unlimited, it’s now $60 per year PER Terabyte. This gets unbelievably expensive and they only go up to 30TB… This is a problem and here I rant about why this trend is a huge issue for the cloud storage market.


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Daniël Bolt says:

They did the same with Onedrive for Businesses. They said that it was unlimited and later ‘the unlimited’ became 1TB. it was because actual libraries used it for storage and more people started using it in a bad way. 10 years later you will look back at this hopefuly and be like: 40TB, thats not even my new 16k video library lolz, so little.

therealchickentender says:

I’m sorry. Sucks. Did you find a solution (your plan-end date is rapidly approaching). And what’s more, this was absolutely PLANNED… this is an absolutely legal bait-&-switch, because you know that Amazon’s vast legal department built into the Ts&Cs any viable recourse or protection for you and others in similar situations.
A similar thing happened to me (though my data storage at the time was well below what you have housed with Amazon) when Barracuda shut down their COPY service, on which I had a huge amount of photos with many static share links. There was a good 6 month to find alternatives but my “cloud trust” has never been the same. I know simply operate my own NAS with an offsite backup at a family’s place, and keep critical portions of that same data on Amazon but its a much smaller subset. Interesting thing about that though is a HUGE portion even of that is part of the Amazon Prime unlimited photo storage……… I’ve wondered long when/if they’ll discontinue that offering and what I’ll do when I’m in a similar situation.
My only advice is
1. Purging. Create a schedule and retire data… it can’t all live forever, at least not at prices most people can afford.
2. Own your own hardware – invest in NAS. Its a lot of upfront cost, but certainly cheaper in the long-run – and you OWN the metal.
3. Amazon Glacier – this might help you a lot. Check it out if you’re not familiar. It is their cold storage option. Retrieving from it takes considerable time, but it’s a *fraction* of the cost of CloudDrive.
Hope it all works out. And f&*k these sorts of business practices.

René Jensen says:

Use BackBlaze Sir.. :+)

Ez Quiel says:

they shut it down because of people uploading 40TB like you

HaveNaut Studios says:

I was told that the service with prime won’t change by Amazon and that only if you use drive aside from prime will it effect you. Where yours has a price next to unlimited $59.99, mine has nothing nor do I have a “plan ends” date. You obviously have more than what comes with prime as you have 24 TB of videos this isn’t available in the plan that comes with prime. I think you’re missing the loop hole. Amazon Prime members still get the unlimited photos.

Nate Spencer says:

People I knew in tech. Why not use a cloud service for my offsite storage. I built 1u box with 11tb raid10 on Dacentec. I use crashplan to backup it. I also have 2 nas onsite. Amazon pulled some serious carp here. No reasonable cost way out that I see.

Chaz042TFC says:

Hmmmm, just 3 days of straight downloading @ 1Gbps just to get that back.

lionsland says:

What about DropBox unlimited??? 25 dollars a month.

LemonExtras says:

DO you have any thoughts on crashplan?

groundzerozone says:

Eposvox, I feel you, bro. Watching your video echoes my thoughts and feelings exactly. Ever since Amazon has made this dreadful announcement, I have been beyond stressed and frustrated. Not to sound over-dramatic but it feels like someone close to me in my life died. Amazon Cloud Drive played such a vital and significant role in my life and there is no other suitable alternative (that I can find). I have considered trying to learn about putting together a NAS or just buying a bunch of 4 or 5TB external drives and keeping some at a friend’s house to act as a ghetto “off-site backup.” I have been running my mind in circles trying to come up with a comparable solution quickly… And I have nothing. I have until 07/18 before my plan expires…. So it’s crunch time.
After watching your videos over time, I find we share plenty of similar opinions and views on multiple subjects and trust your judgement. If you would be so kind as to reply back with the option (albeit limited) that you chose to remedy this conundrum; I would appreciate it beyond words. Thanks, brotha!

EposVox says:

If you think just buying 4 10TB drives is somehow the solution, it’s way more complicated than that.

meloD30 says:

When you calm down you could redo this video as “All your data is doomed” “The inevitable death of the cloud” or “The real Skynet”. Right now its just power users, but are we all running into a brick wall?

FDN says:

Why not using Gsuite ?

JJtoob says:

40TB is a ridiculous amount of data to me. I would use whatever was business type of service at that level, which I would expect to not pull this type of stunt on you (but I understand is also likely to be far more expensive).

BEN1JEN says:

back blaze

RaceToNowhere says:

I’m glad for your loss

basic204 says:

I could get all my data under a terabyte if they had actual tools that allowed me to find and get rid of duplicates and combined my backups.

RMI H says:

Is this only ending in the US? Just been on the UK site and it’s still offering the unlimited plans.

Filip Westerberg says:


Napster M. says:

contact dropbox and tell them that you have special needs

Elvys Pena says:

WOW!! That sucks! I’ve spent the past month preparing material to upload to Amazon! I’ve slowly lost HDD’s over the past 2-3 years was was frustrated with magnetic media. Daggit!!

hbarudi says:

I suggest using physical drives to backup your data and prevent loss, then you can shop cloud services to see if any offer you availability, google has up to 30tb ($300/month) but may provide you with more, and microsoft one drive has other options that require contacting microsoft to see if you can fit all the data. Then you need a fast internet like google fiber to work with the data.

邵牧童 says:

1800 dollars would be enough to make a 40t nas….
2017is the time to own servers instead of renting cloud services.
there is an unknown battle of TBs in China(because of obvious reasons :P) basically, in short, dozens of Internet companies advertised to be offering up to TBs of storage for free at first, then to 360TBs, PBs and ultimately unlimited.
And that story ended up with loads money burnt and all companies except for one stopped their storage services at all.
so there is NO Cloud storage now in China at all.
I guess QNAP and Synology and WD and Seagate are gonna be the next Samsung and Apple I think.
oh, maybe this whole cloud storage thing is just their dark little plan in the first place.

SupLeon says:

If your school has google drive, then u can use that. I still have my google drive from elementary school and have another one from my college. Some people even hosts movies/shows on google drive and put it on their pirated sites.

David Maggard says:

you can always buy a lifetime google unlimited storage account for a one time fee on ebay for 15 dollars with the seller googlecloud thats what I did

Suzy Hager says:

I only have 70 gigs. I am trying to download that so I can not continue with it. Guess what they make it really HARD to download. Seriously, I think they did that on purpose.

Eric Fortin says:

Google Drive got me that way, i had 100gb free for a while, then they removed it. Now have to pay 2$USD per month. Not the end of the world, but it sucks to have to empty all those folders…

Michael D. says:

Funny how you differentiate yourself from those “other crazy users” who use 200-400 TB. At 40TB, I would suggest you’re part of the problem for Amazon as well. I seriously doubt Amazon’s Cloud Drive is intended for people with so much data. Stop whining and find another solution. Your video, I’m sorry to say, makes you SEEM like an entitled little brat.

Joseph Zins says:

Would you try Backblaze? They have unlimited and they’ve been sticking around for a long time. I know some people that use it and so far they have had good experience with multi-terabyte. They also do a bunch of hard drive studies as far as reliability which is very interesting.

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