Amazon Cloud Drive Review, Setup & Demo!

Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything plan is $59.99/year. Is Amazon Cloud Drive worth it? ABSOLUTELY it is. We review, setup and demo Amazon Cloud Drive.

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TJL says:

Your my fave youtuber

Suzy Hager says:

Horrible pain to download files back to your computer. You can tell it’s designed to make that hard so they keep payments coming in. I’m actually pissed.

Horacio Falcon says:

Can I use this to upload pictures from multiple devices and keep them on different folders. So my wife’s pictures are not mixed with mine? Thank you and great video.

Anthony Borden says:

First like and comment

Felice Kimbrew says:

Was hoping they’d include a sharing option preferably for people you’d like to share photos with, or an album. Or even generate a link?

Nepsey says:


Rory Tate says:

I want to be able to maintain the exact Windows file structure on Amazon Cloud. Is this possible. As things now, having my photos stored in the date they were taken is totally useless.

Digitalspectrumvideo says:

Can you preview uploaded videos on the cloud page?

PranaGirl AmericanHoney says:

I organize my photos on my external hard drive, in folders, with each folder chronologically named. So, it may be ‘2017 07 02 St. Louis Roadtrip’ and ‘2017 08 01 San Diego Golfing Trip.’ I have about 20 folders like that for 2017. Here is my question. Can Amazon maintain that folder structure and naming scheme that I created on my hard drive, when it uploads my photos to the the Amazon cloud? I do not want all my photos just lumped together on the cloud; I want them organized the exact same way I painstakingly organized them already on my external hard drive. Anyone know?

Mohamed Abuabdou says:

Thanks for the efforts you’ve done. I just subscribed to the Unlimited Everything. Can you please help me and bear with me? I”m new in this. I’m used to Google Drive and I was expecting A folder in my laptop where I can add/delete/edit files and they automatically sync accordingly in the drive.
Does this happen with Amazon Drive? If it does, can you show me how? Thanks buddy

Alan Leong says:

can you upload a folder with all the files in it?

OolongTea says:

Only $5 for unlimited everything right now!

Musa Dev says:

Kind of a waste of money. Expected way more when I bought it. I uploaded a .mp4 file to see if I could get a direct link, but unfortunately this wasn’t possible. Also FTP isn’t available. In basic words: it’s too simple. When you pay 60 dollars you expect something way more advanced.

Dick Anus says:

I signed up for it and have about 20TBs of files to upload, and its slow as a snail: a 72MB folder of 52 photos takes 4+ minutes to upload.

Enrique De León says:

How were you able to switch between applications? You did it at 1:38

Milan Mommy says:

why my macbook doesnt open amazone drive?

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