Your Own Personal Cloud – Filegear Review

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JC Street says:

I love the idea and think it’s a cool piece of kit but why not outsource it entirely? You still have to provide drives, pay electricity and maintain your network. I use Dropbox and Adobe Cloud together, totally hard drive free for a couple of hundred a year. Basically the cost of running a NAS and I don’t have to maintain anything. Keep the videos coming Matt!

Mark Holmes says:

How is the upload speed? If you are importing a SD card, is it actually reasonable to save it all to the cloud? I started to use the we wireless passport pro, and it takes FOREVER to write files to your cloud service of choice

Chris Visser says:

What’s the record displayed behind you?

Sukalpa Kundu says:

Use an SSD Matt.

Shawn Brezny says:

Looks cool, curious if I could plug a Drobo into this for storage.

Alfredo Roccia says:

Hard disks can always break, and you loose all the files. Transferring all your content from HDD to a cloud system I think is the safest solution at the moment. And you can access it from any place and device. Yes, you are paying yearly but at least you don’t need to care about physical drives.

Eli says:

Wow this is actually really cool and I’ve never known something like this exists. Might need to check it out.

Enotik Poloskun says:

Never trust “cloud services”, so many of them closed of change conditions last 5 years, any “good” for today, tomorrow will force you to pay more or move away.

njc2o says:


Andrew Noden says:

Hi Matt, good video useful information. Any chance you can do a video on scanning film and slides. What tools and techniques? Workflows etc

Michel Oliveira says:

I don’t think it is for me, but really cool stuff. It seems to be pretty useful

Girl Behind the Red Door says:

I get the concept of this and if I was a pro photographer it might be worth it, but Dropbox does the best job for me at the moment. I’m happy to pay $12/month without having to have yet another device plugged in somewhere making clutter.

PhotoTube says:

Matt, Your link is blocked by my ISP for some reason.

Hasan Moula says:


burak erinmez says:

matt with the rejji snow album in the back.. niceee!

Eric Burke says:

Thanks for this info I been looking about making a NAS myself. Made me laugh with that 1 am asking for a photo. SOOO TRUE!!!

John J says:

Amazon prime has unlimited photo storage. Almost worth the prime cost by itself.

Benj Haisch says:

specific NAS drives are meant to be on 24/7, so something like the IronWolf from Seagate would be great.

Shayne DePugh says:

Probably going to hit you up about this. Definitely interested.

HB YouTube says:

This is not a review. You just read out the info on the filegear webpage. I came here to see you setting it up and using it and look at the interface of the apps and how to use them before i buy.

Supreme Clientele says:

Enough adverts. Real content please.

r mcdonough says:

Can you send a “DropBox” type link to a client? Something they can use to retrieve images without them being able to get into the rest of the hard-drive(s) you have plugged in?

Francois Faguet says:

That kind of dope Rejjie Snow vinyl behind Matt!

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