Which Cloud is Best? – Cloud Storage Roundup 2016

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Dropbox pricing:

OneDrive pricing:

Google Drive pricing:

SpiderOak pricing:

OwnCloud Tutorial:

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Andi Atom says:

OneDrive -> No Linux client
Google Drive -> No official Linux client

Unpossible POG says:

Hey man, can you give a review on BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) operating system? That will be great 😀

Chair Mao says:

@DAVE2D !!! Theft!!

netcalibur says:

iCloud all the way. Reasonable prices. Secure.

#thebartyparty says:

Mega is awesome. I would definitely recommend it because of the encryption, security, privacy and 50GB storage you get straight out of the box.

Giorgi Gzirishvili says:

I use MEGA and Google Drive. MEGA offers 50 GB for free and it’s fast, safe, and secure (everything is encrypted on the client side), while Google Drive integrates well with the Google services and software. Oh, and yes: MEGA has its sync client on pretty much every major platform — even on various Linux distributions, such as Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, or even Arch. 🙂 (Sorry, *BSD fans, you’re out of luck on this one.)

Carlos Salazar says:

good to have you back! 🙂

Thomas Swan says:

also do you run linux any more? 🙂

Thetequilapaf says:

OMG you have a Macbook…….not so far from linux mac os in fact 😉

Moran Guy says:

what about the box service compare to the dropbox it gives you much space for free….

Steve Cottle says:

I am sorry, but so far Box.com is awesome and you do not have it listed.

Sourav Mitra says:

How about MEGA cloud by kim dotcom.

Lubna Shahid says:

Excellent information. Thanks!

Matthew says:

Video starts at 0:57

Tricky freaks says:

Google drive is bett

Michał Dybczak says:

What about MEGA? It gives 50 GB for free. It doesn’t have so many sophisticated options like for example versions backup that are available in dropbox,, but for casual home usage, especially when taking into account how much storage you have for free, is quite nice choice. Mega also have client for all platforms.

Anwar Uddin Ahmed says:

Well Nice Sharing

MyVincenzo67 says:

What do you think about pcloud? I use a free dropbox account and, recently, I bought pcloud 500gb lifetime license. I also use Cryptomator to encrypt some files…

Alejandro Lamothe says:

How about AMAZON.

Unicode UTF-8 Name says:

I use owncloud, and it works really well!

MrGZM90 says:

I wish there were a cloud storage for apps, like it can backup all your apps so you don’t have to go to the App Store and re download, and have unlimited and you can add as many app as you can. If they can make it happen.

Angelo Machils says:

don’t think Google has a Linux client for Drive……. pretty sure about that in fact, yes there is InSync, but that’s third-party 😉 weird because their Android and Chrome OS is in fact Linux and their own office workstations are rumoured to run a tailored version of Linux and on the other hand they can’t be bothered to write Linux versions of their applications……

Mark Arthur says:

Sync in Canada and Tresorit in Switzerland, both privacy oriented paid services.

Nuchinuchi TekTon says:

isn’t owncloud Nextcloud now ?

Mr. Jahrami says:

And ICloud??

Joe C says:

For my business I use the WD MyCloud

Alto Man_Zane says:

I do like the 15GB of Google Drive, but what about Box?

Юра Мочернюк says:

You mentioned that OneDrive can be seamlessly integrated in number of platforms (including Linux). What is the best way to integrate it in some Linux distros?

moumen sawady says:

There is mega privacy, I myself use OneDrive.

Caio Hungria says:

You should review Elementary OS Loki 0.4.

André Fonseca says:

thumbs up for g drive! syncthing is a good alternative for a free, private and open source cloud.

Gustavo Domínguez says:

hubiC is hosted in Europe with excellent privacy laws, starts for free at 25GB, 100GB for €1 and 10TB for €5. Resilio Sync Pro is excellent for syncing files and doesn’t require server setup at all, it’s completely automatic.

Marcos Carballal says:

I definitely personally recommend Sync.com! If you want an extra GB when you sign up use the following link: https://www.sync.com/?_sync_refer=2cd1ff900
This will give you and me an extra GB and I would definitely appreciate it. If you don’t want to use my referal link simply go to sync.com and get started!

Curtis Eadie says:

Could you explain your comments/ concerns re: security and privacy as it pertains to Google Drive?

Yoyo Sun says:

onedrive, Google drive and drive by Windows are fucked

Lou Gunstone says:

That shot when you said University was the University that I went to.

Lloyd Andrew Gamboa says:

Oh, you’re back

Anterosmc says:

I have a question InGalactic, which would you call the most beautiful out of the box linux desktop environment?

Atheos says:

No mentioning how extremely slow Google Drive and OneDrive are?

TigrrrTamer says:

You should take a closer look at OneDrive’s ToS. they get access to all of your data.

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