Where The Nintendo Switch Missed The Mark (And How It Could Do Better)

The Switch may have sold like hotcakes in 2017, but the system was not without its faults. Joey runs through the things Nintendo missed the mark on, and ways the company could improve the console.

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Klark Griswold says:

It’s so outdated it’s embarrassing. All of these features should have been with the system in 2017. My fucking toothbrush has more features than the switch.

Features it needs
– cloud storage
– party chat
– messaging
– internal music player
– folders
– themes
– Bluetooth headphone support
– apps

Joshua Parsons says:

I think that the switch is due for a new smash bros game but I can also agree that the switch needs vc… I think nes, snes, n64, gba would be great since those games don’t use a lot of space

Always_Serpico says:

Give me Twin Snakes, and I’ll be happy even if they never release another Switch game.

Kongolox says:

if only sonya would merge a Xperia with a PSP..

Edmundo studios says:

If I could put my Wii VC games on switch I might get one

McKnight J says:

Literally the only thing the switch needs is a Super Smash Bros. installment. Please…

GameSpot says:

How do you think the Switch could be refined?

Katphood Plays A Game says:

Travis Strikes Again, Metroid 4, Bayonetta 3, Yoshi and Octopath are great exclusives for 2018. As for Virtual Console: I am only interested in GameCube games.

Baron Terra says:

I want vr

Don Bonus says:

yeah because u dumbasses are smarter than nintendo….

LauW G. says:

what i’m waiting for is a REAL nintendo account that saves all my data, games that I should have to buy twice in case my console dies, etc

Yolo Q says:

What a shame. You can do better

Azur3Phoenix says:

I love the Switch, what it is and what it does, but yes, yes and YES to everything in this video. Nintendo needs to see this even if someone has to shove it in their faces. It always feels like two steps forward, one step back with them. (Or one forward and two back in some cases. [cough]WiiU[cough])

Gimjioh says:

Just give me pokemon emerald on switch

CACATUA 242 says:

Make an Animal crossing for the switch, port Wii U smash, get rid of the cardboard and spend the money on quality of life updates,If nintendo did that then the kool ah would roll in like a tsunami.

HighTech X LowLife says:

nintendo sucks

DarthVidar-spiller says:

I’m looking forward to the Gamecube games.

lHikariAnkoku says:

it is channels like this one I lose faith in humanity.

marlow.e ncna says:

Some sort of personal lock feature + cloud save. Mine got stolen… And its a pain

Happymonday 2015 says:

The switch is made to PLAY GAMES just make it like a gameboy! Games and nothing else!
Then all you have to do is watch the money roll in!
…whats that? No money? OH WELL LETS JOIN SEGA

Imperius says:

This console is future playin it on TV and on Switch who cares about high graphics fun is what is needed

Felix Gijón says:

My wishlist:

1. Cloud saves (I don’t want to search for 900 korok seeds)
2. Emulators (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, GC, DS, 3DS, Wii…aka take my money!)
3. Media apps (Netflix, HBO, Crunchyroll, YouTube, etc.)
4. Don’t fuck up the UI. It is clean and simple. If anything, at least give us the option to keep it simple.

100,000 subscribers Needed says:

I can’t download games on the eshop docked or undocked. Help!

Stephen Sawyer says:

Yo this background music is so mellow, does anyone know the name?

droid4D says:

It’s lacking in Voice chat, messaging, apps, virtual console one of the main reasons I don’t have the Switch until they put all of that and more I’ll get it

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