What is AELF? – Decentralized Cloud Computing a Long Way Out? – #REVIEW

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What is exactly AELF? Is a decentralized cloud service ecosystem closer or farther out than we hope (or imagine)?

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Music by Charles Giovanniello, a Bitcoin Pub community member!

Note: This is not financial advice as all investing is speculative. Have fun and good luck!


sam almas says:

AELF is the future of side chains on the blockchain

Daniel Gordon says:

It’s Singapore’s Ethereum

- - says:

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The value of the ELF coin is $1,18 on the coinmarketcap.

Crypto Bliss says:

Thanks Pete !

kysersoza2002 says:

Only time will tell if aelf is awesome looks like they are working hard making a lot of partnerships. I am betting big on it and so far it hasn’t duped too much compared to everything else.

Johnnytturbo says:

Put that Aelf on a shelf.

KeepIt Simple says:

You blink a lot.

Thrive Transport says:

Love your video`s !!
Can you please take a look on NULS my friend , may be you will fill your portofoliu after review 😀

Ryan T says:

i’ve flipped aelf 3 times so far 😉

g01dengun says:

Earn free ELF tokens, signup and complete easy daily tasks

Raza Daza says:

Yep, read about this proof of hope hahaha.. not much to read.. haha

Man Aap says:

Punut troll

Ranesh Nech says:

Electroneum is not a exciting coin u said 3 days before now let’s talk
about Electroneum latest News update dude

Crypto Otter says:

Bro~ can you review Bluezelle? It’s a database solution like Elf but they’ve been working on the project since 2014. Just listed on Binance few days ago before the platform pooped out.

Fue Chee says:

AELF really needs to put more work in their website and the content provided there. Having a working platform by the start of 2019 with a four man team sure makes sense.

mk private says:

Koreannnnaaa peapppurrr never sleep? You are producing/working 20 hours a day??? Amazing dude, Although I don’t always agree with you – which is the whole point of this whole crypto (ad)venture off course, so all good! – I applaud your passion, work ethic and long term vision for your own life. Ironic enough, I think that you most valuable message has nothing to do with crypto, but about taking control over your own life – whatever happens. (I did the same 10 years ago and yes, it’s hard. But DANGGGG does it pay off). Looking forward to see you grow.

Robert Oschler says:

Hi Peter. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for your Conspiracy card. AELF is FLEA backwards. This is the first blockchain ever for fleas, created by fleas, and mined by little flea miners with little gnat servers that update with every tick.

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