Western Digital WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage In-Depth Review – 2TB 3TB WDBCTL0020HWT-NESN

Buy it on Amazon – http://goo.gl/QU4nS7 (affiliate link). See my follow up videos here:

All of my MyCloud videos – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCZHp4d1HnIsoGwdI2GZHFpdB9e0XZ9fK

Benchmarks – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD5H1CjmgZY
Direct USB Transfer and SSH – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnipLxXawZU
Connecting Multiple Drives – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmYi2oPYr3Y
Configuring remote users – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46EV7Yg2wV4

The Western Digital My Cloud hard drive combines local network attached storage capabilities with external cloud access.

The drive can be accessed with a Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android device. It also automatically shares media files stored on the drive with DLNA and UPnP devices like smart televisions, Xboxes, and PS3’s.

DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


mrken503 says:

Great video! I like how you clearly explain how to use the device. 

I was hoping you may have an answer to my problem. I recently purchased a My Cloud server. I have several documents I wanted to load on the My Cloud that have hyperlinks to jump from the main document to other documents and then back to the main document. These documents are running on MS Word 2003 and work fine on my PC.
I loaded these same documents to the My Cloud server in my
Network, under the Public folder.  When I logon through the My Cloud web access link, and open the main document, the
hyperlinks that jump to different sections within the main document work well. If I try to use a hyperlink in the main document to link to other documents, I get an error.

I called Western Digital Tech Support and they said the My Cloud server does not support hyperlinks. I returned the My Cloud server.

Are you aware of a personal server that will support hyperlinks
between documents?

Jadric Cummings says:

If your internet is down, can you still access files?

mccuejonathan says:

Mind the stupid question but I am no techy person.

I am a photographer and the laptop I use to edit from is running low on storage space, would I be able to move my lightroom catalog from my laptop to this device and then edit images from there?

Hope that makes some sort of sense.

Professor Milly says:

Does this work with samsung tablets

Darryl J says:

this was published in 2013 it now 2017 does the new WD NAS and Apple TV 4 Gen sycn up

บังอร Bang On says:

Man I really like how u explain all the stuff. Thanks a lot for making clips

PJ S says:

How can I hook up plex to this cloud?

Colin & Deb says:

Great demo. Thank you Lon. I am a fan of WD products.
What do you recommend in 4tb to 6tb WD My Cloud Personal Storage device that is capable of streaming movies to a Surface Book and or Samsung Smart TV. I can sort of do this with an older WD MYBOOKLIVE, but it is starting to be too noisy for my liking. I think it is time to upgrade.

Nikelodeum says:

Hi, Is it possible to install Plex Media Server at WD MyCloud?

Rodenbusch Neto says:

Is it possible to put a HP Print at this USB port and share with other PC´s?

Bedo K says:

Hello, I tried to buck up my PS4 to my cloud but the ps4 says there is no usb connected

samiebuka says:

I bought the wd myCloud, based in part on this review and I am sorry to say that is the most useless product I have ever used. Terrible! Slow, unreliable. I tried a gigaspeed hub an cables. It takes hours to backup any large files. No trash can, so if you miss clic on the web interface, the files are gone, which is so slow, it is likely to happen. This sort of defeats the purpose of backups.

Also, I you want to verify what is on the disk, take your time, you better not be in a hurry. I am not bashing, just warning people. I have spent the last 3 days trying to access my files because of a firmware issue? update? No direct access, only network.

Terrible, I would gladly send it to you so you can use it as a paper weight.

TheGame4Life says:

If i want to stream a video on the drive on a computer away from home does that computer need to install software or can it stream it from a browser like netflix can?

Kyle Peterson says:

Can you edit the files anywhere with that Cloud feature on? Such as pictures, if I were to go through and fine tune them at a coffee shop with my drive at home??

Feliz Dade says:

Great informative video. I would set up the WD using a private browsing feature in my web browser application.


Great Video! WD really didn’t give us any info on this device.

Pre10der says:

3+ years later and I find this review is still helpful. Answered all my questions before I even knew I had them. I do have a question about something different. I notice you control the camera from a tablet. How and what? How are you able to do that and what is needed? Or am I just seeing things? I’ve searched your channel as to a possible tutorial but no luck. Thank you ahead of time.

Simon So says:

thanks for this great sharing, was contemplating whether to get one or not. After watching, bought it right away, subscribed to you and gave u a like 😀

Matt Wilkie says:

Good video thanks for that just ordered one would have used your link if you had a UK one :-/

Jesse Bishop says:

I just want to back up photos/videos/music, but I obviously don’t want neighbors accessing them.
If it’s attached to your network, do you automatically have access if your device is connected to the wifi, or are there additional passwords or login features?

Haiting Liang says:

Such a useful video!! Picked up a few tricks to configure my cloud. Thank you so much!
Just a quick question, my PC tends to download the music, instead of playing/streaming the file, when I click on the file. Is there anything I can do in the Settings to make my computer play the file directly? Thanks!

zulizali says:

Thank you so much for this excellent video explanation, much appreciated.

David Hansen says:

I have had MY Cloud 4TB for about 1.5 years now and I completely HATE it! The software is a JOKE, written as if it were still 1995! And yes, I know how to use this thing just fine but just cant believe WD is serious with this kindergarten software!

Rohith Gaikwad says:

Hi Lon. Could you please advise n how safe it is to purchase WD recertified my cloud devices. Thank you.


I have a question can i connect this to my nvidia shield pro and play my media from out side of my home in any device connect to the internet .
can I stream to my sonos audio system and samsung smart tv in home and also my mother can stream content from Her house .?

bachi chundury says:


skamalzare says:

Great review and very professionally going over everything. Thank you.

Moisés Briseño Estrello says:

Thanks! It was extremely useful, I didn’t knew how to use my wd my cloud. Thanks a lot!

Tanmay Shrimali says:

Hey Lon.
Hi, Greetings from India.
Thanks a Lot Your reviews helped me a lot buying nas storage for my home.
I have a Issue . I am not transfer speeds more than 11.5 MBps max on wifi on WD my cloud.I am using a 850MBPS router also.
Other customer on amazon here claim to get upto 55MBps speed with a gigabit router. Can You help?
I am using Dual band gigabit router TP LINK archer C60 AC1350

Avinash Rudra says:

could you please confirm, this NAS device can backup data automatically from windows OS 7, 8 10 ,like apple time machine.

atif qureshi says:

U can use vlc player on Apple TV 4 for media sharing. And it works really smooth

Benjamin Armengolli says:

Hello Lon,
Great video! I would like to share my experience using the WD MyCloud 4TB and a G-Drive 4TB (G-Technology) as additional storage unit, attached through the USB 3 port. A couple of years ago I was using a MacPro for all my creative work and these machines have limited hard drive storage so I bought the G-Drive 4TB as additional storage. By that time all my products were Apple so I gave this G-Drive unit a Mac format (Mac OS Extended).

I had a big turn in my career and I did not longer needed my MacPro so I sold it and got a PC. Also, I got the WD MyCloud so I can have access to my important documents everywhere. I kept my G-Drive and I attached to MyCloud to have additional storage, and as you said in the video, they both work correctly just by plug it in the USB port.

Since both were working properly, I did not felt the need to change the format of my G-Drive from a Apple format to a Windows format. That was a big mistake. After a couple of years running solid, I realize that in my G-Drive were a bunch of files missing, around 800GB. I sent my drive to 300 Dollar Data Recovery and they were able to recover all my files (lucky me) and they said that the different formats between MyCloud and my G-Drive caused my G-Drive to “freak out”.

Definitely was my fault for being lazy and not change the format right after I switched platforms. I will strongly recommend to use the same format across all the drives to avoid issues like mine, even if they are working properly with different formats.

I hope this experience is useful for other users!

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