The Truth About Cloud Gaming – Performance & Input Lag Analysis

Cloud Gaming services promise low input lag, high frame rates and great image quality while running your games at high graphic settings on powerful hardware inside their data centers.

In this video I put LiquidSky, Shadow, parsec and GeForce Now to the test. How much performance do you really get, and how good (or bad) is the input lag?

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The Elusive Woodland Hobo says:

seems great for someone that despises consoles and cant afford to build I med to upper tier gaming pc….!!!! thanks BS you’v convinced me

Nep Nep says:

well I may want to get this because I have well close to potato pc that cant run my monitor the monitor I have the Samsung ue570 So I kinda want to get this so I can run games better without having to search hours for ways to run Farcry 5 at stable 60 fps on 4k

hashim goodsir says:

I tried shadow gaming this I found there was input lag just opening the windows start menu so i cancelled my subscription what they should also do also is install steam and origins on the machines if they are pushing this to gamers

// REDACT3D says:

yeah no lol

Luke Nallen says:

I live in Ireland and 100-1000mbps is pretty standard. I get around 3ms ping and 800mbps and GeForce now works very very well for me. I notice no difference to running the games locally.

H3LLB0Y2403 says:

I will test shadow for a month now since i don’t have time for games after January anyways. So, this is the only semi-viable option that lets me play some games I have in my launcher libraries for a month or two without burning a hole in my pocket.

Max Nietzsche says:

Great comparison! But I really got headache at about 16:00, when you move your mouse like that.

Nattai says:

Very well put together video, I really enjoyed it

pugamall says:

very informative, thankyou

Murder Doll says:


hashim cekir says:

how is GTA 5 running on GeForce now?
is it the previous iteration of the GeForce now service

AJ Alvarez says:

Glad to see a comprehensive breakdown of each gaming service but I would have to disagree with your assertion that none of these services can replace a dedicated gaming PC. I have recently switched from my PC to the Nvidia Shield and while I’d tend to agree with you that this type of machine is probably not for the really hardcore gamers there are a lot of casual gamers that could have a great gaming experience with the right equipment (i.e. high speed internet/peripherals).

A Mc says:

Anyone and I mean ANYONE who pays hard cash to OWN NOTHING is an absolute fucking idiot. Period.

Klotz says:

It seems that most people commenting here is the fact that there’s more games genres than mmofps. When playing simulators, strategy or RPGs you absolutely feel no lag (at least on shadow).

Johan V says:

Very helpful

Berill says:

good work.
If i’m on the move, i often use Parsec, playing Arma3 streaming from my PC at Home.

Capitaine Cheng says:

amazing high quality video

Navaron says:

great video.

Drifter shuffle says:

One of the best reviews and test that i have ever seen, good job, amazing work.

Jörn Mehwald says:

Great video. Thanks for your effort!

Neoconkera says:

So if anyone of you wants to make his own experience with Cloud Gaming, try Shadow and get 10€ discout for the first month with Code: BENVHQR2

Shane Spraker says:

I appreciate your time and work on this video; the results speak volumes; this confirms that $10,000.00 Desktops from Falcon Northwest are worth investing in

MrMentalpuppy says:


Benji Price says:

Linus Shilled that shadow service so hard lol

drunkredninja says:

Or…Save the money you pay running these services and just build your own and have 0 latency.

Gleb Winerauch says:

this is some crazy quality video, mister. Compare it to other reviews and god they all look awful
Thanks a lot for this. I do use Geforce now (beta), just because it’s free for now and in some casual games I don’t care for some latency. Especially useful since I’m sitting on Mac without any wish to install windows (got enough of it at work). But surely when it comes to Dota or things like that u have to play natively, for now, unfortunately.

The Modern Viking says:

i prefere paying for my pc opp front and have the ability to have 144fps++ and 4k playing

WasIstDerUnterschied says:

Too good to be true, sadly :/

Great Video. There are a lot of tests out there but this one was the only one i believe 😀 – Everytime I visit a website which says “this is not a virus” gives me the same feeling as testers which say “I was not payd to do this test”

I hope they improve they’ll improve the tec so one day we will have an acceptable input lag.. +70ms is like … wtf.

Atari5732 says:

With no net neutrality in USA, this will never work. ISPs will blackmail these services…

Saul Ghim says:

“To find out, lets compare them to my PC, which isn’t the most powerful gaming PC out there, but it should be fine for the purpose of this test”

– Has a i7-8700k and GTX 1080…

Mike Mckeon says:

Fair review, at the end of the day buying a gaming PC outright is always going to provide superior performance. However, it’s worth taking into account that the idea of being able to kart my entire (mostly Windows based) Steam library to my mates house on my old MacBook Pro and play GTA V on Ultra settings for 7 hrs straight on a single charge (basically same as I get watching Netflix) without my laptop even getting hot, and my drive has no more space taken up than the Shadow Client & Windows installs sounds enticing.

Jack Johnson says:

quiet concerning people still dont understand that mb/s and mbit/s are not the same

dekkoo84 says:

Just buy a fucking gaming pc. Whats the problem? No money? Get a fucking job.

movax20h says:

Yeah. Unless you have less than 10ms ping to servers, and CPUs are clocked high, and not some old Xeon cpus, there is no point using these cloud gaming thingy. I have 1Gbps symmetric internet connection, and would still not consider them.

ZEK says:

shadow is shit it just lags all the time and cant handle 4k

Enotik Poloskun says:

If you need game stream, just open any YouTube game channel.

RejectedZ75 says:

Clout Gaming

Kyle R says:

Absolutely AMAZING video dude. Thanks.

TGM says:

You were far to negative about Shadow, im suspicious that you were being sponsored by the other gaming service it works fine for me and most people. Very interesting…

normalnywariat88 says:

It will improve if they will build more smaller servers instead one big. This small servers could be scaterd more even around earth to be closer to potential customers. This could make delay much smaller.

Quantum Radiation says:

I use parsec for my home cloud server. It’s 1000X better than remoteFX aka remote desktop.

stefan diaconu says:

wait for the 5g networking and all these will be cake

Tom Alexander says:

Excellent video

C S says:

Something like this will never appeal to me because I am hypersensitive to input lag.

Aspen Mallery says:

This tech is not new. However, shadow is getting it closer and they aren’t even big players in the game with the money capital.

If you think about this though, you can make a budget competitive gaming PC that gives the same FPS counts for around $1400. You can say that you’d have to upgrade this PC every 2 years or so to maintain this which is 24 months.

1400/24 = $58.00 a month.

Shadow is charging $35 a month for a yearly sub ($25 on holiday sale). Considering they have servers to maintain and lots of employees to pay, where is their profit coming from?

This is what surprises me when we are comparatively looking to Nvidia, which we all know has a LOT more capital to throw into this tech. Why are they not making huge strides in advancements? probably because they would rather sell GPU’s.

Once fiber internet or 5-G wireless internet will become more standardized and people will have 1gigabit or higher, I feel like the bit-rates will be raised substantially and network speeds will no longer become a bottleneck. Then, it’ll be a rat-race to become the ‘netflix’ of this market.

Until this happens though, it’s not sustainable for competitive players and the performance to payment ratio is just not there. The one main aspect I could see this being used most for is for mobile workstations to extend battery life and possibly increase rendering times on cheap machines.

Mixo 5000 says:

This is too confusing for me, i always wanted something like this but now that i see that this is so early i just go for a normal pc desktop :/

Furzkampfbomber says:

Let me put it like this… when there is a “Free Weekend” for a game on Steam, the weekend is over before I’ve downloaded the game with the joke that calls itself “internet connection”. One of the reasons I hate Win 10 so much is that whenever it downloads shit, which it seems to do permanently, I can not even watch a Youtube video without stuttering.

And now _cloud gaming…_ Ehm, lol, I guess?

Phil M says:

If this is true, this is how you do a fucking review. Thanks Bud. I donated, but the second you take money from a sponsor I will never donate again

Jonathan0sterman says:

So now every gamer that subscribes to a cloud service has access to a high end PC ? Why not just send us one and we’ll pay for the service subscription

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