The gaming PC days are NUMBERED!

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AKABAT jr says:

Just lower the damn new hardware prices and everyone will be happy. There will be a point when a GPU will cost as a new Tesla in this rate.

Calamity says:

Interesting Idea…

SnakeFace says:

Gonna have to see how many mods for Skyrim I can make run on their PC. As long as they allow modding. This is something I really wanted though, as before you couldn’t mod a game at all.

OddJaguar15 says:

Here’s the issue.
You need an internet connection, first hand from Geforce now that’s a terrible thing, when your compression so shit that you cant see and your inputs lag. Even if you’re not in a third world country it’s not always easy getting good internet, and sometimes you NEED to use wifi.

Regardless, shit click bait title if you can afford to do this shit you can make a gaming rig that’d be cheaper in the long run with zero risks of privacy breaches or dips in internet connection ruining A SINGLE PLAYER GAME or even a multiplayer game.

34 dollars a month can add up, fast, in a year you’re nearly at 500 spent, if you have a pc worth a thousand dollars or something, then if your pc can last 3 years, instantly more value than shadow.

223 Remington says:

So… you’ll end up paying more for the subscription than you’de spend in a pc in the long run. Seriously, the technology is great, but the ideia is just horrible. You need a pc or smart tv (which costs more than a complete basic pc in some places and I’m discarding mobiles devices because they are bad for “pc gaming”) and then you have to pay 35 bucks a month on top of the money you already spent on your gaming device – and you are not getting any extra hardware that is yours forever and retains resale value.

cronic says:

wow, never realized you are such a noob regarding to network.. don’t publish bullshit about BGP and IX..

Mijan says:

what is in ur pocket?

Alex Campos says:

what the fuck are those sandals bro? xD

Ruslan Zubair says:

@3.49 the visual and voice does not match

Spooky says:

I owned this, it’s… meh. Graphics quality is decent even at the highest setting and everything is very pixelated. There’s an extremely small latency, like maybe a millisecond, but it is still noticeable and very annoying in pvp orientated games

alcidiow says:

So if your internet goes down, you are screwed…

Zhong Ping says:

I wonder how the windows licensing works for this

Edmond Richie says:

Lol, i might actually opt for this type of service, because i know how much PC gaming has cost me, and now when i’m a little older i have a son. as much as i want him to go through building his own PC like I have with all of my PC since 1998 or somewhere along those lines. It’s expensive af, and seriously been considering my options here haha.

Mystery Man says:

Basically you play in a PC that is not in your home.

X1mX says:

never gonna happen. They tried a million times and it does not make sense. Gaming PCs will shrink but they will stay local. Quit with the advertising dude:)

tr1ggerh1pp1e says:

you lost me at sandals with white socks…

Koen van Zeggeren says:

Seems more like a 14 minute advertisment…

Laurence Grey says:

Bye bye security and privacy.

Logono 00420 says:

I bet most of these negative comments suck at gaming anyway. “Screw latency!! I can buy a used gtx 1080ti for 35$ a month in 10 years!”

Yall missed the whole point! He was playing on an ARM processor I bet 3/4 of yall dont even know what that is.

He was playing a AAA title pc game on his PHONE and TV with nothing but internet being the bottle neck. That’s pretty freaking awesome!

Last note.
Take 800$, that’s about the limit to having a GOOD gaming pc. Now divide 800$ by 35$ a month; that equals 23 months. That’s 2 years. In 2 years, if you bought your pc you’ll be needing to upgrade something. Yes it would still be good but you’ll be missing out until you spend that money getting the upgrades. Dont even comment if you going to argue that computer hardware is an investment because hardware is the fastest depleting investment on the market. Price bought to percentage dropped over time. Yes it is.

Brznt says:

Shadow is trash lol.

Tigah says:

oh yeah, 34$ a month, realllly gonna kill pc gaming lmao. stupid fuckin ad

N N says:

numbered my fucking ass…so many security vulnerabilities its not even funny…laughable…but it has nice features but in no way is this replacing the local gaming pc…

Kazuma Kun says:

This is how people’s account get all hacked and they keep wondering what went wrong if they are protected, kek I should call this device the usb spy center to send info across another server.

Its ya boii Trystan says:

Can it work with vr?

No longer uploading. All videos have been deleted says:

What’s Linus laptop?

Tiff's Right Ear says:

This is actually legit. It’s a cloud computer..that doesn’t suck!

winux says:

The best feature I see no one talking about that could be worth 35 dollars to some people is the 1 gig internet connection. People in remote area’s don’t get high bandwidth. They get like 30mb for 50 – 60 bucks a month. Aslong as you’re doing 15mb + you can basically have a 1 gig internet connection and even at 200/ms a lag. it’s not going to make a difference in there circumstances. They’re using it to download movies and what not. If you do it right this can be a pretty awesome deal. Depending how many family members and your sistuation. You could lower your internet bill. You only need 15MB so have 30 to be safe., you’re saving on power using a few watts instead of 600 or so watts that a high end pc actually uses, you don’t need to pay for upgrades. Hell, if you do it right and depending on your situation. You could save enough to where it’s pretty much free.

Speed Junkie says:

I hoped they had a free trial to check it out

tOni serf says:

So this is where all our gpus went


Yeah no thanks

docwalker100 says:

The “Cloud” won’t even exist by 2025 so pc builders and gaming PC’s are quite safe.

johnson lu says:

Geforce now is free ATM. Unfortunately it’s not supported in NZ.

Nunya Biznes says:

Lame test. Try that test actually running a game instead of a monochrome blank screen.

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